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Coming in from Belgium, Modulyss is a carpet tile manufacturer that is renowned for their high-quality and elegant designs. Their mission is based on creating sustainable and premium products that are built to last in today´s demanding commercial industry. Modulyss´s collections are made with heavy-duty use in mind and for spaces such as offices, industrial areas, shops, or hotels.

Their carpet tiles have become increasingly popular because of their easy to install loose lay system, which does not require additional adhesives and it will not damage your subfloor. It can be installed over your existing floor, saving you the hassle of demolition and removal. If the carpet tiles need to be cleaned, replaced, or moved elsewhere, all that is needed is to simply lift them.

Combining colours and creating patterns is another great advantage of Modulyss´s carpet tiles, which allows you to create stripes, checkerboard, or highlight specific work areas. Standard carpet tiles from Modulyss come in 50 x 50 cm sizes, but recently the company decided to broaden their spectrum to include three additional sizes for more design possibilities. They now come in additional 25cm x 100 cm, 50 cm x 100 cm, and 100 x 100 cm sizes. With over 300 colours available, the design possibilities are endless.

Since commercial areas tend to get a lot of high-traffic, their modular flooring is designed to absorb sound, reducing noise by 25 decibels. The carpet tiles capture dust particles in the air and in addition to improving the air quality in your space, the flooring is made without any heavy metals or toxic substances. When it comes to safety, their modular flooring has the fire rating of Bfl-s1, which is the highest fire rating for textile coverings. This makes it great to install in entrances and hallways as an added safety feature for your space.

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