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Glass balustrades are an excellent way of creating a light and airy feeling to your stairs and stair area.

Bisca offer standard glass with a slight natural green tint, or their premium low iron glass with reduced tint.

Bisca never use clunky, ugly or unnecessary fixings of the kind you see in shopping malls and used by off the shelf suppliers.

All their balustrades are custom designed to fit your property and interfaces are bespoke as well.

Glass balustrades can be laminated if you prefer not to have a handrail, or capped with stainless steel, polished timber or leather clad handrails and can include a feature newel of your choice.

Bisca are staircase designers and manufacturers of bespoke staircases, balustrades and architectural features.

Bisca design and craftsmanship are sought worldwide by clients who believe in investing in the longevity of beautiful commissions; commissions that will always be a pleasure to look at and withstand the test of time. Bisca clients appreciate the level of design, detail and craftsmanship involved.

At Bisca their whole ethos is to design new staircases and balustrades for clients with imagination, timeless style, quality materials and a finish second to none.

Bisca take a sympathetic and understanding approach to staircase restoration projects using both traditional and contemporary materials for seamless cohesion between old and new.

The measure of a great commission is one that fits its environment. It is extremely important to Bisca that every new staircase or balustrade they design completely integrates into the character of your property, regardless of period.

  • Bespoke & Feature Staircases
  • Bespoke Glass Balustrades
  • Bespoke Forged Balustrades

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