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A genuine alternative to traditional vacuum cleaners

A central vacuum system has fast become a contemporary expectation, not just a luxury for limitless budgets. Homeowners will rapidly appreciate its life-enhancing qualities – cleaning becomes effortless and stress-free, removing dirt and dust in peace and quiet with just a lightweight hose and eliminating the need for a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Exploiting the natural inner spaces of the property, ducting connects strategically sited vacpoints to a power unit isolated from living areas, such as in the garage, utility room or under stairs cupboard. A typical 3-4 bedroom house may only require 2 or 3 vacpoints.

From small apartment to large business

Unlike many central vacuum companies, Vacpoint are not tied to a single manufacturer’s products ‒ so we’re free to offer a much wider choice to our customers to find the very best solution for their needs.

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