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Unico System International offers more air handling units than any other high velocity manufacturer in the World. Unico manufactures air handlers from 3kW to 18kW capacities that uses either refrigerant or water coils to heat and cool your structure.

The Unico system aims to deliver a complete, highly energy efficient solution by using the latest in green technologies. The complete solution comprises their EC fan motor, heating and cooling through Zero Ozone Depletion Potential energy sources, main plenum ductwork that is made from up to 80% recycled glass and the latest in SMART thermostat controls. The modular design of the system ensures that it is future proof and individual parts can be upgraded without the need to replace the whole system.
Ultra Quiet

The Unico System delivers the air first through an acoustically lined main duct and then through sound attenuated flexible ducts connected to the individual outlets, ensuring the system is ultra quiet. With our standard outlet sound ratings as low as NR20, we even have systems that are installed in sound recording studios.
Commercial and Residential Solutions

Unico products are designed for both commercial and residential applications in both the historic and new construction markets. With both refrigerant and water coil solutions available we have the products that will provide superior heating and cooling for your structure. All our products are UL, ETL, CE, or CCC approved.
Professional Sales and Technical Support

Their UK based distributor, Quantum Group, provides sales, technical and product training support necessary to ensure successful product installations throughout United Kingdom and Europe.

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