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Your Complete Oak Home, individually designed and built

Complete Oak Home has a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, construction specialists, cost experts and project coordinators, collaborating from the start of your project to ensure the house they design and build, helps you bring your budget and design aspirations together.

Complete Oak Home have been creating bespoke oak frame homes for over a decade and always with outstanding personal service.

Their complete turnkey approach gives you everything you need for your dream home; designed with you and built for you.

Your Partner

You want to build that dream oak frame home, perhaps the final adventure or somewhere to bring up a family but are unsure of where to start. How much will it cost, will you get planning permission, how do you find the right builder? Should you speak to an architect, an oak frame manufacturer or a local builder?

Complete Oak Home want you to enjoy this exciting and rewarding time, making the decisions you want and choosing your level of involvement.

Whether you want them to design, design and build or just build your oak frame house Complete Oak Home are here to help. Their team have many years of experience working with oak frame houses. They offer a service beyond comparison with that achieved by trying to bring together a generalist architect, oak frame manufacturer and general builder.

What makes Complete Oak Home different?

In an industry that claims many things Complete Oak Home are genuinely different. Here’s why:

  • They can provide a full turnkey approach. Nothing left out. No surprises. No hidden costs.
  • They are not oak frame manufacturers. Their architects are free to focus on giving you what you want without concerning themselves with maximising the sale value of the oak frame or other associated components.
  • They are not general architectural practitioners. Complete Oak Home specialise in the architectural design of oak frame houses. Their specialist expertise ensures that the oak frame is perfectly integrated with all the other building components for outstanding and lasting quality and value.
  • Complete Oak Home design for you and you alone.
  • Complete Oak Home continually advise and guide you on project costs. There is no need to wait until the end of a tender process to see if you can afford to complete your project.

Their Story

Complete Oak Home was founded by Tim and Andy, they are the original developers of the end to end, oak frame home, design and build service.  With their specialist and multi award winning oak frame design and manufacturing backgrounds, both Tim and Andy have lectured at Napier University, delivered seminars for the industry trade body TRADA, presented at ‘Wood for Good’ events and trained industry professionals and heritage bodies such as the National Trust.

Increasingly frustrated by too many poorly designed, overpriced and badly executed oak frame buildings being built in the UK – and with no credible end to end approach available for clients, Tim and Andy spent 3 years developing and delivering a customer friendly service to meet demand. Complete Oak Home concept was the result, and delivery of the finest quality, stunningly designed and meticulously built oak framed homes became not just possible but a promise. Customers of Complete Oak Home enjoy a rewarding design and build process from an experienced team who really care.

“Everyone in our multi-disciplinary team of specialists is committed to providing outstanding professional services to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of each client. We engage with, listen and understand our clients’ lifestyles before using our experience to advise, design and create a dream home from their vision. A home which expresses exactly how they want to live.”

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Forest Gate,
SN15 3RS

01249 479 890

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