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Plastic Cellars’ specialty is manufacturing patented plastic cellars including accessories. All of their products are made from materials, that are 100% weldable, waterproof, long lasting and are resistant to aggressive substances or UV light.

Each product Plastic Cellars offer has its own certification, in accordance to relevant standards. For manufacturing, the most up-to-date technologies that the marketplace has to offer are used.

Plastic Cellars’ qualified and trained personnel is guaranteed, as is each one of their products which pass through their gates, to ensure that they have been manufactured with the maximum precision and quality. Plastic Cellars’ employees have longstanding experience with the manufacture of plastic products.

The advantage is, that Plastic Cellars do small jobs for private individuals, as well as complex orders for some of the biggest companies in the Europe. Companies in the fields of health-care, chemical industrial firms, energy, animal husbandry, fisheries and so on. Plastic Cellars do everything with their customer and keep their needs firmly in mind.

A cellar made from brick and mortar, or from plastics?

Since time immemorial, cellars are important underground areas, suitable for storing materials, tools and foodstuffs. Nowadays, the construction of the traditional cellars is often omitted, because the construction process is so demanding, both from monetary and the construction time point of view. But when the modern Plastic Cellars came on the scene, the situation took a significant turn, and the construction of cellars is now lucrative once again.

So what are the properties of plastic root cellar in comparison to the traditional one?

Financial savings

Even though on the first glance it might appear, that the modern and faster solution will have a higher price tag, the exact opposite is true. Plastic cellar with dimensions 3 x 2.5 x 2.4 meters, with all the excavations, foundations, roofing and additional equipment (zinc-plated stairs and the ventilation shaft), will cost around £14,500 (VAT not included), which is almost £14,000 less than the regular cellar of these properties would cost.

Hydro-insulating properties

Plastic root cellars are noted for their hydro-insulation properties. In comparison to the brick and mortar cellar, plastic lets in only a minimal amount of moisture, which leads to practically no mildew on the stored fruits and vegetables. Plastic cellar keeps its temperature, and during summer it can be used as a functional fridge. This property is supported especially, if the cellar is situated close to some trees, because their roots remove the excess moisture from surrounding soil.

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