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Leading vinyl floor specialist, Moduleo®, offers a diverse portfolio of design floors and is a division of the IVC Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of LVT, sheet vinyl and carpet tiles.

Offering exciting products for retailers and consumers alike, Moduleo® is available in both a traditional dryback installation and with the simple-to-install CLICK technology system. The durable flooring is ideal for any space, be it home or office and offers luxury solutions for natural-looking, reliable boards.

Inspired by how people live today, Moduleo® continually researches trends, styles and performance, ensuring every floorcovering meets the needs and expectations of its customers. Textured designs ensure a natural look and provide longevity with stain, water and scratch-resistance properties.

Moduleo® designs and develops its floors completely in-house. The brand believes beautiful and realistic design is key and prides itself on a design floor collection which is on-trend, ranging from pure and more pronounced woods to elegant and more distinctive stones.

Alongside design, functionality is crucial. Working in collaboration with R&D, the company has developed a range with new steps taken in the fields of wellness, acoustics and performance. Moduleo® floors have a soft and warm feel, excel in acoustic comfort and come with a protective layer that makes them more scratch, stain and slip resistant.

Finally, when choosing a Moduleo® floor you are making an eco-friendly decision. The company’s factory in Belgium is equipped with three wind turbines and is cooled with water from the Scheldt River. The product itself is environmentally friendly too: Moduelo® Design Floors contain up to 50% recycled material of verified origin and are themselves recyclable.

Moduleo®’s is part of the IVC Group which was founded in 1997 and is one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl flooring in the world. With the goal of rapidly growing to be an independent player in the resilient flooring market, IVC Group manufactures products for both residential and commercial applications. With two production facilities in Europe, as well as an innovative manufacturing plant in North America, IVC has a strong grasp on the European and US markets.

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