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VAT Refunds for ‘do-it-yourself’ builders and converters.

If you are building you own home, or converting a non-residential building into your home, you may be eligible to reclaim the VAT you have incurred on items incorporated in the building.

The Refund Scheme puts DIY builders and converters in a broadly similar position to a developer selling a zero rated property. The scheme enables the self builder or converter to reclaim the VAT on the main construction or conversion costs.

JM Daniel offer a professional, friendly and helpful service. JM Daniel can help maximise the VAT refund received upon completion of your claim. JM Daniel can ensure you are charged the correct amount of VAT on your invoices and that all invoices have the correct details, as required by HMR&C VAT office. This will minimise queries and non-eligible items that may slow the repayment process.

Click here for DIY VAT Refunds.

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