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Eco Angus boilers are ideal for retrofits or new builds, usually positioned in an outbuilding and linked with the existing heating system.

Grants are available on the boilers under the Renewable Heat Incentive with typical payback of the cost of installation in approximately 5 years.

Across the shareholders Eco Angus has nearly 100 years business experience to run an efficient and customer orientated business where service and support are key. Guy Winterbourne, as a Director/Shareholder, had has previous experience working at a high management level within ThyssenKrupp. He uses a 40kW Angus Orligno 200 wood gasification log boiler with a 2700 litre Akvaterm accumulator tank for his central heating and domestic hot water. Nick Derham, as a Director/Shareholder, has had previous experience running his own business in the plant hire trade. He uses an Angus Orligno 400 30Kw pellet boiler with 450l external hopper for his central heating and domestic hot water.

Eco Angus Product Philosophy

Simple: Eco Angus products are manufactured to a high quality without unnecessary complexity which means the systems are simple to both operate and maintain.

Cost effective: The efficient production process means that the products will stay competitively priced.

Reliable: Working with manufacturing partners who have demonstrated success in European markets means Eco Angus products have a proven track record of reliability.

Sustainable: All Eco Angus boilers are fuelled by sustainable wood or wood pellet fuel and are designed to minimise harmful environmental emissions

The Energy Now Expo 8th and 9th February 2017

Eco Angus are proud to announce their participation in The Energy Now Expo 2017. The Expo, which showcases the latest renewable energy technologies and services available to farmers and rural landowners will take place on 8th and 9th February 2017 at the Telford International Centre.

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