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Directories define a cottage as a small, simple, cosy house, usually in the countryside.

This defines Cottage Kit Homes which provide understated value for money rather than ‘grand designs’ which are beyond the reach of most people and often a waste of money.

Cottage Kit Homes offer one simple concept with many options, which ensure you get the home you need and desire. Essentially, they provide a blank canvas on which you paint your ideal home.

There are 37 standard designs with one to four bedrooms. Throughout the Cottage Kit Homes range you will see recurrent design features which allow them to take part of one cottage and combine it with part of another, so as to produce a totally different design.

Furthermore, all the Cottage Kit Homes designs can be extended in length to provide more space in any room, a utility or en-suite shower (where the design does not already offer such accommodation) or maybe additional storage space. All internal partitions are non-loadbearing and can readily be moved  or removed to suit individual customer requirements.

Central to creating your own unique home are the choice of special design features, some of which are illustrated on the Gallery page. Other features such as an open fire / chimney or stove / flue and an integral garage can be incorporated into any design.

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