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The Chimney umbrella is a fantastic British Innovation which has been designed to easily and efficiently close off your chimney flue when you are NOT using your fireplace.

Come and meet the Inventor Simon Wild at the show and let him show how easy you can save energy and money…Instantly with the Chimney Umbrella.

Your chimney flue acts like a forgotten open window and could be the biggest area of energy loss in your home loosing up to 30% of your heat.

With a single push of a button your chimella will seal off your chimney flue and start saving you energy and money instantly.

The Chimney umbrella will fit any shape of chimney flue from square, rectangle, round and even triangular.

The Chimney umbrella has many other benefits as well such as collecting dirt which falls down your chimney, preventing birds from entering your home and stopping cold air from coming down the chimney and entering your home.

The Stylish Chimella handle is also designed to be on view at all times so that you never forget to remove your Chimella before lighting your fire.

Chimella is the must have accessory for every fireplace guaranteed to save you energy and money ‘The Stylish Way’.

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Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.