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Aquapol UK has been operating since 2013. They started their operation in Scotland with the head office in Edinburgh then extended it to the whole of the UK.

Aquapol are rising damp specialists, drying out old buildings. They specialize in NON-INVASIVE rising damp remedy. The electromagnetic building dehydration technology, the Aquapol system, dries out buildings without drilling, chemicals or invasive building work. Visit their website for more details.

Aquapol offer free professional dampness surveys for both commercial and residential buildings. They do a full assessment of the building taking into account all potential moisture sources and factors that can impact the property – rising damp, rainwater penetration, pointing, plastering, roofline, chimneys, elevations, drainage, water table, condensation, ventilation issues etc. – looking at the building holistically. Then, based on the findings, Aquapol can propose an all-encompassing solution to permanently eradicate the dampness problem.

Many of Aquapol’s clients are listed building owners. Listed buildings typically suffer from multiple dampness problems. Their construction techniques (e.g. thick solid walls) combined with a variety of building materials (often a mix of older and newer), can lead to complex or “difficult” dampness problems which takes skill and expertise to identify and solve. Aquapol like complex cases, so if you have dampness problems, feel free to get in touch.

Aquapol operates throughout the whole of the UK.

Main office:
Unit 50
12 South Bridge

Telephone: 0131 661 9068; Mobile: 0750 746 8303

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows.

Operating in the building conservation sector, their primary activity is the dehydration of old buildings from rising damp.