Under Sink Bathroom Storage Ideas for a Clutter-free Space

modern bathroom with drawer under sink bathroom storage
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Under sink bathroom storage ideas are a handy way to keep lotions, potions and clutter hidden away while still being within easy reach when you need something. 

Including the right amount of storage in a bathroom design is an important step — be it using freestanding units or completely built-in cabinets. Having somewhere to store shampoos, bath toys, towels and cleaning products is an essential bathroom idea if your newly remodelled space is to remain clutter-free and tidy.

Take a look below to see the most popular styles of storage under a sink, plus a few of our favourite designs to inject character and personality into your bathroom. 

Under Sink Bathroom Storage Ideas: Where to Start

The beauty of bathroom storage ideas is that designs that work for each space massively change depending on lifestyle, taste and budget. 

If you're planning a busy family bathroom renovation, large-format built-in units that can keep everything in its place and hidden away will be a great help, but in calmer, more luxurious en suites, freestanding vanities or even reclaimed tables with open shelves are more suitable. 

When budgeting for under sink storage ideas, get the essential items, such as the taps, sorted first. Cost-saving solutions with tonnes of storage can be found if you look hard enough, but it can be costly to have to replace inappropriate or cheap brassware. 

1. Use Drawers for Easy Under-Sink Storage

bathroom with bamboo drawer storage under sink

(Image credit: Tap Warehouse)

"Storage is incredibly important and is worth serious consideration," advises Phil Etherdem, managing director at The Albion Bath Co. "There are two general schools of thought on the subject — either hide the storage area or go bold and make it a design feature. 

"A beautiful vanity unit can make your basin a focal point, as well as providing that much needed storage for cleaning materials and lotions and potions. For a more contemporary home, a wall-hung unit with sliding drawers is a popular solution." 

This space combines the best of modern bathroom ideas, from the Scandi-inspired wood theme on the drawers, mirror and window sill, to the calm colour scheme of the wall tiles and flooring. 

2. Build In Lots of Storage Under the Sink

high glodd white bathroom storage with cupboard space under sink

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

Although current bathroom trends slightly ignore the entirely built-in storage unit with toilet and sink included, they're an old favourite for a reason. 

A single unit with plumbing concealed and usually loads of cupboard space under the sink is a great family bathroom idea with many options to suit any style of bathroom. 

3. Hide a Sink Pedestal with a Purpose-Built Cupboard

sink pedestal hidden within an under sink storage cupboard in bathroom

(Image credit: Wayfair)

If your bathroom is lacking in under sink storage ideas thanks to traditional pedestal-style sanitarywear, don't fret. There are solutions for pretty much any style of bathroom these days, including cupboards which can conceal a pedestal within. 

This is good news for those who like the look of recent trends towards a freestanding basin atop a surface but without the budget to rip out and replace existing items. 

4. Include Slimline Under Sink Units in Compact Spaces

slimline sink and cupboard unit in shower room with toilet

(Image credit: Drench)

Where space is a commodity and there is no room for a vanity unit, compact and space-saving designs can offer under sink storage without encroaching into the room. 

Small bathroom ideas like this are best placed in busy cloakrooms where cleaning equipment needs to be stored, or narrow bathrooms where there is a perhaps some extra open storage, such as a shelf, for bulkier towels etc. 

5. Use Open Shelving Alongside Hidden Storage

bathroom with wooden wall hung cabinet

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

For the ultimate luxury, find a wall-hung vanity unit with both places to hide away bottles and cotton buds as well as open storage to display prettier soaps and hand towels. 

To achieve a really finished look, find a unit with handles that match the colour of taps and other brassware in the bathroom. 

This deceptively simply bathroom styling uses contemporary stacked bathroom tile ideas in a muted colour to create a relaxing atmosphere, while the stylish vanity unit and taps adds a feeling of luxury. 

6. Repurpose a Dresser as a Freestanding Unit

reclaimed freestanding cupboard in bathroom with basin

(Image credit: BC Designs)

The bathroom trend towards sourcing unlikely furniture as vanity units has becoming increasingly popular — from butcher's blocks and sewing machine tables to dressing tables and workbenches. 

If you choose this route, consider staining or varnishing wood to be suitable around high humidity areas, or upgrading the surface to a stone. Pair this with a statement basin or glamorous taps and you'll never look back! 

The cost of fitting a bathroom can be high, so this is a cost-effective and characterful way to finish a bathroom that provides plenty of worktop space beside the sink and a range of different storage solutions beneath it — the style and design can pretty much be up to you. 

"There are certain items where it pays to invest," explains Barrie Cutchie design director at BC Designs. "Anything that has moving parts (which can easily break) is not an area to skimp on. Mid- to high-end brasswear can 'lift' a bathroom and make cheaper items such as sanitarywear look more extensive." 

7. Opt For a Corner Sink Unit in Small Spaces

high gloss corner sink unit in bathroom

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

Install a corner unit with built-in sink and storage can work even in the pokiest bathroom or cloakroom. This solution keeps everything in its place and out of the way. 

Keeping a unit like this in a timeless white enables design experimentation on the walls and using brassware, as in this pink and black-styled space. 

8. Paint Under Sink Storage a Fresh Colour

blue bathroom with pink freestanding under sink storage

(Image credit: 20th Century Cloth)

Experiment with contemporary colours on an old vanity unit for a fresh take on a traditional style. 

This stunning and bright cloakroom bathroom contrasts a bold blue panelling with a dusky pink on the freestanding unit to an incredible effect. 

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