Adding a Sunroom

Modern sunroom by Solarlux
(Image credit: Solarlux)

Contrary to its given name, a sunroom should offer more to your home than a space to enjoy when the sun is out — especially as us Brits only see a few days of sunshine a year. Different from a conservatory (traditionally a fully glazed addition), a sunroom is a permanent structure that acts as a transitional space between the home and the garden.

They offer plenty of light without being entirely made of glass — usually several elevations are fully or partly constructed of brick, blockwork or timber. But, how can you ensure comfort all year round? Here, we explain what to consider in the design stages.

Daisy Jeffery

Daisy was Features Editor on Homebuilding & Renovating magazine for more than five years and had a passion for all things design. She has since moved on to pastures new.