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At The Heritage Wardrobe Company luxury Bespoke wardrobes are defined by their unique blend of traditional elegance and stylish modern design. Superior rich grain interiors provide an opulent choice of aromatic Lebanon cedar, oak and walnut wood and melamine veneers. Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail each wardrobe is primed and hand painted to create a unique styled piece of furniture that reflects a sense of timeless elegance.

Personalised Design

The Heritage Wardrobe Company like to think of their wardrobes as personalised luxury, each wardrobe is designed to each client’s specific taste, their storage needs and particular lifestyle. Heritage work with you through the design process, incorporating ideas you may have and provide guidance on location planning, blending door designs, optimising storage and how best to present your garments and shoes to ensure your luxury bespoke wardrobe is purposefully design personal to you.

 Stunning Features

The distinct designs create an air of beauty and tranquility blending striking designs with subtle detail to provide a reassuring quality. Mirror doors with ornate scribed fret create a modern stylish look to complement the elegance of traditional panel doors. Soft lines of exquisite cornice and period featured skirting encapsulated each wardrobe framed by striking vaulted columns.

Storage and Shoe Closets

Garments and shoes are displayed and accessible with functional ease. For shoe closets, glass fronted doors open to softly light rows of pull-out trays that glide effortlessly for displays of shoes and handbags. Soft close pull-out trays neatly store folded shirts, blouses and scarfs.  Simple to use pull down rails and fixed rails optimise storage for the hanging of short and long garments. Deep drawers offer flexibly tailored to your storage requirements.

Flexible Choice

The luxury bespoke wardrobes are designed with the ultimate option for personalisation.  Each wardrobe is primed and hand-painted to a colour of your choosing for a stunning finish that seamlessly blends with your interior.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company has long been associated with inspired, luxury wardrobes for customers with discerning taste.  Distinct, traditionally crafted designs blend with modern style to create a statement of elegance for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company bespoke wardrobes and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Our professional, experienced designers work with you to understand your lifestyle and storage needs in order to create luxurious, functional, statement wardrobes that combine craftsmanship with quality service to inspire unique, elegant design.  For more design ideas go to NewsDesign and Gallery pages.