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Warm feet and a cool head is the kind of real environmental comfort Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd is purpose designed to provide.

Underfloor Heating requires only low temperature warm water and is ideally used in conjunction with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps. Comfort levels are high and running costs are low.There are many benefits to choosing underfloor heating as opposed to traditional heating methods. For an overview, please see the list below:

  1. Space Saving – out of sight and therefore out of the way, allowing you the extra space to furnish your rooms as you like – no more intrusive radiators.
  2. Health & Hygiene –  prevents dust mites living in carpets, as well as taking away those hard-to-clean spaces behind traditional radiators, where dust can gather.
  3. Aesthetics – as mentioned, it is out of sight, so you can have your room exactly as you want it, removing the need to accommodate a more cumbersome heating method.
  4. Labour Saving – water on the floors of bathrooms, showers, and utility rooms drys quickly.
  5. Comfort – provides the ultimate comfort levels throughout your home with radiant heat; warmth in its most natural form.

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Underfloor Heating systems Ltd offer high quality warm water underfloor heating systems, no matter whether the project is a small extension or a renovation or a large new build.  Although they also offer the installation as an option, many customers install the system(s) themselves as they do give out very good instructions and advice.  They also supply systems abroad.

All the technical information that they have is available to download from their website. With unlimited technical support they can offer complete customer support. Their technical team has many years of experience in all types of underfloor heating.