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Part one – planning your space

The decision to extend your home usually comes after a long period of deliberation – do you move or do you extend? There’s many things to weigh up but with the average house move costing a staggering £12,000 in fees alone, extending is often a sound financial investment.

Once you’ve made the decision to extend, there are so many things to consider but critically the most important decision, is working out how much space you need and in what configuration. Do you need to extend upstairs as well as downstairs? Can you reconfigure downstairs to accommodate what you need? And how will the space adapt to the future needs of your family?

With over 30 years experience of extending British homes these simple tips from Ultraframe are a great starting point:

Tip one: not every home extension requires an architect, it could be wasted money if your project is straightforward. So before you make any decision about ‘how’ you’re going to extend, think about ‘why’ you’re extending. Is it that you need living space for a growing family? Is a kitchen extension on the cards? Or is it just a light and airy space that will link your garden to the home?

Tip two: draw out your existing living space, doesn’t need to be to scale and think about how you could redefine your existing space. Just because one room is currently used a dining room doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Tip three: it can be tricky, but try and anticipate your future space needs. If you’ve got small children now with big, bulky toys, before you know it those big ‘toy’ items will reduce and downstairs space will be less of a premium.

Tip four: consider how you currently use your outdoor space. Could better use be made of your garden if there was better access by linking the space with a glazed extension or conservatory?

Tip five: it’s important that you can use your space all year round. Even today’s conservatories and orangery extensions from Ultraframe are designed using the very latest glass that reflects the heat in the summer but retains the heat in the winter. Or consider the best of both worlds with a roof that combines solid and glazed sections, called LivinROOF, it’s the fastest growing roof system in the UK.

Tip six: open plan living is very ‘on trend’ and can be a great option for creating immediate space by the simple removal of internal walls. While this might give you immediate growing room, don’t be put off by the ‘red tape’ associated with an extension. Ultraframe retailers can take away all that headache as part of their service in designing your extension.

Established over 30 years ago, Ultraframe have kept their conservatory systems at the forefront of  technology & design through constant evolutionary development.

They not only test conservatories in their own laboratory and modern test facilities, but they also use independent third party accreditation and testing agencies such as Wintech and the British Board of Agrément to add further credibility to their own data. In fact, the Ultraframe conservatory roofing system is the only conservatory roofing system currently with BBA accreditation!

Also, Ultraframe’s roofing system was given a life expectancy of at least 25 years by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and was the first in the industry to acquire this accreditation. This is why Ultraframe is considered as Europe’s leader in glass roof manufacture.

Using their extensive roofing knowledge & expertise they support and advise the industry on the most technically innovative construction methods for building conservatories and home extensions. Ultraframe also provide comprehensive information about designing conservatories & offer conservatory advice to homeowners who wish to add an Ultraframe conservatory to their home, using one of their BBA approved Ultra Installers.

Their brands are known throughout the glass and glazing and building industries and include: the Classic Roof System, the Loggia Building System, LivinROOF Replacement Conservatory Roof System, realROOF Tiled Roof System and the UltraSKY Rooflight System to name but a few.