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Because Period Ceiling Company beams are versatile and can be adapted to almost any situation with many advantages:

  • Beams can be created over existing boxwork.
  • Conceal RSJ’s (I-Beams),
  • Pipework, Soil Stacks & Lintels.
  • Made to ANY size and dimension.
  • Created in situ without joins.
  • handmade and detailed to complement your property.
  • Bespoke and distinctive to every situation.
  • Range of reproduction ironwork features to add authenticity.
  • Lightweight in comparison to timber, therefore, they can be constructed to ceilings and walls without the need for structural alterations.

Their unique process combined with quality craftsmanship enables them to conceal I-Beams (RSJs), transforming them into what would appear to be a solid oak beam. The beams are hand sculpted, carved and detailed creating characteristic features such as splits, knots and grain that are synonymous with oak timbers.