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With the colder, longer, darker nights, we especially start thinking about home comforts, keeping down those energy bills – and security.

For year-round comfort, Crittall’s HomelightPlus is a modern steel window featuring high performance double glazing that retains heat during cold winters, and controls heat during the summer, whilst generally reducing noise levels.
While its even slimmer ‘timeless’ frame and sight-lines, present a light delicate feel inside and out, creating a welcome sense of airiness and space. To maximise daylight, the window’s design incorporates larger areas of glass than any other window of a similar size.

Galvanised steel windows like this will last 60+ years. They are competitively priced, economical to maintain long-term. While being Polyester powder coated ensures a consistent, even, coating, not requiring redecoration for 25 – 30 years.

The window is available through Crittall’s network of local Crittall Window Specialists in a choice of styles (including true divided glazing bar options) and in 46 colours, plus a dual colour option. The steel window frames can match – or contrast with – your interior décor.

When choosing window frames for your home, carefully consider the style and material. They have a dramatic impact on the look – personality – of your home. Even affecting its value. It’s important that the windows chosen match the style of the home. Installed appropriately, quality steel windows can enhance a property.

Crittall brand: British heritage, British quality, British made.

With experience spanning over three centuries, you can be assured that Crittall Windows are the steel windows for you. Their name is synonymous with quality; they use hot-dip galvanising on their windows to ensure that they have longevity; their manufacturing process, that takes place at the facility in Witham, is transparent – they’re proud of their services and their products.

Choose Crittall Windows to either replace your existing windows, to replicate historic steel windows, or to create a stunning new home, and you will have maintenance-free steel windows for years to come.

Crittall Windows have a thin steel profile which means more glass, more light and a brighter interior to your home – take a look at the services they offer, their range of products and find your local approved installer here.