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Live off the mains gas? You can enjoy all the benefits of gas with Calor.

Calor provides you with a clean, controllable and reliable fuel source for central heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires.

There is an on-site  gas storage option to suit all house designs, and sophisticated telemetry technology measures gas levels and automatically schedules a delivery.

Calor gas offers rural homeowners the lowest carbon emissions of all fossil fuels available to off-grid homeowners and poses little threat of ground or water pollution hazards, or theft. It can also be used alongside other renewable technologies. Even better BioLPG from Calor is an even cleaner form of LPG, allowing you to fuel your home whilst reducing your carbon footprint from home heating by at least 38% compared to heating oil.

Calor Gas enables rural home owners to enjoy gas, off the grid.

Our reliable, greener and cleaner energy supply is the perfect off-grid  alternative for your rural property.

If you live off the mains gas grid and are looking to upgrade your home heating or install gas in a new build home, you should consider Calor gas as it offers all the convenience and reliability of mains gas. Calor provides LP gas, also called lpg for heating, hot water, cooking and gas fires and it can even be used with renewable technologies and smart thermostats. Calor believe there’s simply no better energy for rural homes.

Calor’s customers can rely on having their gas delivered on time thanks to automatic re ordering technology, a large, dedicated gas tanker fleet and UK storage facilities.

For on-site gas storage, customers can choose between above or hidden underground tanks, or discrete gas cylinders.

As the UK’s largest LPG supplier, Calor pride themselves on excellent customer service and you can trust Calor to deliver on every level. That’s why more and more homeowners are switching to Calor every year.