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Sundolitt EPS (axpanded polystyrene) is BBA-approved and offers high thermal performance and moisture resistance. A highly versatile material, Sundolitt EPS is light in weight and satisfies Building Regulations for a number of construction flooring applications. Available in standard white as well as Climate®, our low lambda version offering enhanced thermal performance, the insulation performance of EPS will not degrade over time.

EPS insulation has been awarded the highest possible A+ rating by the BRE Green Guide to Specification. Sundolitt EPS is manufactured in compliance with BS EN 13163 and all products are accredited to BS EN ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

Sundolitt EPS is non-toxic, inert and contains no CFCs or HCFCs. EPS can easily be recycled or beneficially recovered where facilities exist. The BRE Environmental Profiles give EPS outstanding cradle-to-grave credentials, scoring just 0.043 over a sixty year life span, which is much lower than alternative materials.

Offering high thermal performance, Sundolitt’s BBA – approved EPS insulation is ideal for a range of flooring applications. Available in standard white and Climate® low lambda.