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The Suffolk Barn Range Features

Exterior Colour There’s a whole range of colours to chose from: Victorian Red Brick, New England Blue, Orchard Green, Aldebrugh Green, Newtons Green, Double. Included in the price.
Carpets The carpet can be personalised to suit your preference too, to make it a room you really adore! There’s a whole range of choices: Gunmetal, Anthracite, Soft Blue, Sherwood Forest, Moorland Spring, Sandstorm or you can chose to have a boarded floor. Included in the price.
Windows and Doors The windows and doors are configured to suit you, to make sure the building works perfectly in your garden. You can chose the style, type and configuration. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
Lights and Fittings Fitted plugs, lights & light switches, ensure you have all your home comforts in your new space. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
Rooflines Low line, High line or Cantilevered, each roof-line contributes style and substance to your new Smart Garden Room. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
The Versadesk The Versadesk is the perfect desk for professionals and to get creative. It comes in different sizes to suit your new space and different colours to suit your style. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
The Book Nook We simply love the BookNook here at Smart Garden Offices. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to retreat to. A comfy window seat encased in book shelves to hold all your favourite reads, it’s simply delightful. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.

Smart Garden Offices design, manufacture and install a broad range of purpose-built garden offices, studios and garden office buildings across the UK and Ireland.

Their buildings are created in their own factory in Suffolk, to the very highest of standards to be the most comfortable, attractive, robust and long lasting garden offices available.

Purpose Design

Their garden offices are designed, specified and manufactured to an unbeatable standard, meaning your home office is secure, comfortable and robust all year round.

Their offices are also affordable – from just £4990 and because they can be moved easily they retain their value for many years too; giving you the flexibility to trade-up, trade-in or move-on whenever you choose.

If you would like to talk through the possibilities to create your perfect garden room, they would be very happy to hear from you. Click here to request their latest catalogue