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iTec smart sensors are the smallest on the market so they will blend in to any home interior and show you in real time if they are triggered, door open etc. Set your own preferences in the app to receive notifications on your phone when something is triggered, start the camera recording and make lights and TV switch on to make potential burglars think you are home.

3 in 1 motion sensor also reports temperature and light levels, so you can set blinds to close when the sun comes out, or air conditioning to switch on when it gets too hot.

iTec is a young company with a simple goal…. to provide a low cost, user friendly home automation system that works with as many other manufacturers products as possible.

That means we look at things differently! We realise that no company can develop a smart home system to cover everyone’s requirements now and in the future. So, unlike other Smart Home manufacturers we don’t want or need to limit you to our product range, we want to build our reputation on being the best, not the biggest.

We focus our efforts on making our core products and services the best they can be rather than diluting our efforts trying to make everything ourselves to control the whole market.

To be able to offer a truly compatible system we needed to work with the most compatible wireless communication system available, which is why we chose Z-Wave. Z-Wave has been adopted by more of the world’s leading Smart Home manufacturers than any other, but even more importantly it is specifically designed to be cross compatible. Which means Z-Wave devices from any manufacturer will work together seamlessly. Think of it like a DVD disc. You can put a DVD disc into a player from any manufacturer and expect it to work perfectly. Why should your smart home system be any different?

Visit our website discover-z-wave’ page for more information about the benefits of Z-Wave vs other wireless protocols.

The hardware is only a part of the story, which is why we focus a lot of attention on the software behind the system to make it as user friendly as possible while still giving you full and accurate control over your smart home. We don’t expect you to be a computer genius to use our system. If you can find your way around a smart phone or tablet, you can use our app to set up and control your perfect smart home.