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Renewable Products Warehouse specialise in water based underfloor heating system, offering their customers tailored kits designed their property. Whether it’s new build or a renovation, their in house CAD team can produce designs using one of our laying procedures to offer you a reliable and cost effective heating system to keep you warm. Visit their website to see our range of products or get in touch with their team to get an obligation free quote for your upcoming project.

LK HeatFloor 22 – is one their best selling system. A load bearing 22mm pre-grooved chipboard that allows you to install underfloor heating on suspended floors. With only 22mm build-up, it’s uses 16mm PEX-A pipe with an a layer of aluminium plate in the boards to provide even heat distribution. Where using Engineered Wood, you can float it directly on top of this system. Renewable Products Warehouse recommend asking for a design for your property before the installation process.

LK EPS 16 – LK Slotted Board EPS 16 is the solution for anyone who is renovating a room with restricted height. The insulated, pre-grooved panel is only 16 mm thick and is installed over existing floors. The heating pipe loops are simply pushed into the panel grooves, which is entirely covered by a bonded aluminum plate; heat from the pipes is spread evenly across the entire floor surface, with little downward heat loss. Load bearing flooring is then installed directly on top of the panel. If, for example, you decide to lay tiles over the floor heating installation, the total installation height is only 26 mm.

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For all other floor constructions, please visit their website or contact their team.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. Renewable Products Warehouse are an underfloor heating and plumbing suppliers based in Glasgow, UK. Through their warehouses and online webshop they offer a range of underfloor heating kits and components delivered to your doorstep at competitive prices.