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Underfloor Heating, Heat Recovery & Ventilation Solutions

Heat Recovery & Ventilations Systems recover and re-use existing heat is an energy efficient, highly reliable, and an environmentally friendly way to keep your home supplied with clean, fresh air. Heat recovery works by continuously replacing contaminated stale air with warmed, fresh, filtered air. A heat exchanger is used to transfer over 98% of the ‘stale air’s heat’ to the incoming air. The heat exchanger unit and ancillary ducting is usually situated in a loft or suitable roof void with the air distributed via compact ceiling-mounted units. The temperature of the air can be adjusted to pass cold air in the summer and warmer air in the winter months.

Underfloor heating Systems, great for new builds and various solutions for retrofitting even on joisted floors. Every year Renew Green Energy install a wide range of heating solutions, and when working on new builds the vast majority of these homes will be heated with underfloor heating, more usually but not exclusively radiators upstairs.  Underfloor heating pipes are laid on the floor and then screed is paid above and this provides the thermal mass. Hot water is circulated around the underfloor pipes, with rooms having their own temperatures controlled via thermostats linked to the system design (individual rooms with their own ‘underfloor’ system connect to a manifold.

Renew Green Energy are one of Scotland largest and most respected renewable and sustainable energy installers, designing and installing solutions for new builds, renovations, existing homes as well as commercial applications.  They have been helping self build customers for over 15 years, and not only can they deliver all of your renewable energy solutions, they can also undertake all of your heating, plumbing and electrical needs to help deliver your new home and remove some of the challenges when building or renovating.

As one of Scotland largest and most respected renewable and sustainable energy installers, Renew Green Energy have a shared vision to help provide clean, renewable and sustainable energy solutions that have a much lower impact on the environment and those which can significantly reduce the running costs of properties. Renew Green Energy consult, design, supply and install a range of technologies solar panels, both solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal energy systems, ground and air source heat pumps, electric vehicle charge points, battery technologies, biomass and wood fuel heating systems, heat recovery systems, low energy lighting solutions, and can also undertake all of your heating, plumbing and electrical needs to help deliver your new home and remove some of the challenges.

Renew Green Energy has been installing micro-generation technologies for over 12 years and was formally established Renew Green Energy in 2010, and since then have installed hundreds of solutions across the UK. They are a family-run and independent business, and are not tied to any manufacturer or any of the energy suppliers. This means they can recommend the best renewable energy solutions for each individual customer.
Renew Green Energy employ time served plumbers, electricians, heating engineers and joiners, and unlike many renewable companies are fully qualified and registered with Select, Snipef, HETAs, Gas Safe, Commercial Gas Installer, Green Deal Installers and obviously MCS, NAPIT and RECC.

Renew Green Energy have built the business on a no-pressure approach to sales with an excellent track record for customer service. Importantly, they consistently receive wonderful customer feedback and the fact that the vast majority of their new customers have been referred to them by happy customers suggests Renew Green Energy are right to believe this. This is important because reputation is everything and they strive to make sure that when you engage with them, and then recommend them!

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show. You can come and find Renew Green Energy at Homebuilding & Renovating Show EDINBURGH. 21 - 22 Oct 2017. And also find them at, Northumberland Show May 2017. Royal Highland Show June 2017. Border Union Show July 2017.