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Much more than just speakers around the house

If you think that multi-room audio is just the ability to play music in whatever room you’re in then read on.

For example, you can be playing jazz in the living room, whilst simultaneously playing chart music in the bathroom and classic rock in the kitchen, all from one single device.

You can even have your music follow you from room to room and we support all the major audio streaming models, from Spotify to iTunes Music to Deezer. We’ve got it covered.

Many brands and systems to choose from

We support all the major brands including Sonos, Meridian, Yamaha and Sony. They all work differently and have different features, some work over Bluetooth, some over Wi-Fi, so which should you choose?

Our dedicated experts can discuss your requirements and work out exactly what you need. For us, it’s important to make sure you have the exact solution that’s right for you so you can enjoy your audio, your way.

Quest End launched in 2010 primarily as a property development company and have since expanded into the custom design and installation of home automation, cinema at home and intelligent control systems.

Quest End are a family-run business with a team that has a fantastic set of skills each complementing the other; combining IT & Technology, property development and project management.

This expertise means we don’t just specify and supply a product, but instead design a custom automation solution that is seamlessly installed into your space and centrally controlled by a tablet.