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Argent Foil electric underfloor heating mats are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and are intended to give a fast and even distribution of heat when installed under laminate, carpet and wood floorings. The heating mats come in a range of sizes from 1.0m² up to 12.0m² and can be combined to cover larger floor areas, for example a requirement of 16.5m² of heating can be made up by a 12.0m² mat and a 4.5m² mat.

Argent Foil underfloor heating mats offer an advantage over other systems as they can be cut and folded to suit a given floor area, allowing use of larger mats and at the same time reducing the amount of wiring required. Another advantage of the Argent Foil heating system is it is fully earth shielded utilising its aluminium covering making it suitable for use in wet areas without the use of vapour barriers that other systems require.

This system is only 2mm in thickness and is available in 150W/m², making it a viable heating solution as both a primary and secondary heat source. The efficiency of the heating system is significantly increased with the use of our Palziv insulation which is designed to, not only insulate and increase efficiency of the system, but also protect it protect from damage over years of use. The insulation has a slight ‘give’ in it, meaning when it is walked over the heating cables can sink into the insulation and therefore stay protected against hard final floor finishes being pressed against it.

Features and Benefits:

  • 16 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Can be used as primary or secondary heating
  • Easy ‘Cut and Turn’ installation method
  • Earth shielded for ultimate safety
  • Durable construction
  • Thin heating cable
  • Quick warm up time
  • Competitively priced

Purely Electrique is a family owned organisation with a desire for continuous innovation, development and peace of mind for their customers. With over 25 years’ experience in the heating industry they are specialists and leading UK suppliers of quality electric underfloor heating. Purely Electrique offer systems suitable for use under all types of flooring including; wood, carpet, tiles, Amtico and Karndean. The vision is to provide you, the customer, with the ultimate in warmth, comfort and wellbeing. The Mesh Mat, Argent Foil and Loose Cable systems are engineered to the highest quality and are specifically designed to meet the precise needs of homeowners, specifiers and contractors in the UK.

Purely Electrique have a professional and dedicated team that can assist you with everything from queries and quotations through to after sale support and installation advice. They offer a free design and quotation system that can be modified until perfect for the customer. Purely Electrique operates during usual weekday working hours and weekends – However, in emergency cases you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Purely Electrique are very proud of their growing reputation of providing excellent customer service along with high quality products.

Types Of Underfloor Heating Supplied:

Mesh Mat – Suitable for under Tiles, Vinyl and Amtico

Mesh Mat heating systems are made with a Fluoropolymer insulated heating cable. The heating cable is woven into an adhesive-backed white fibreglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation, without worrying about heating cable spacing to give an efficient and effective heat output.

Argent Foil Mat – Suitable for use under Laminates, Wood Flooring and Carpet

Argent Foil heating systems use advanced aluminium covering to make the system durable and suitable for under wooden floors and carpet. Similarly to the Mesh Mat, an easy roll-out installation method is required making the installation process quick and effortless. Argent foil electric underfloor heating mats is that they are double earthed, making them suitable in wet areas without the use of vapour barriers that other systems require.

Loose Cable – Suitable for Tiles, Vinyl and Amtico (Awkward Shaped Rooms)

The Loose Cable heating systems is basically the Mesh Mat systems without the mesh coverings – This allows the heating cable to be laid freely making the loose cable system the best option when dealing with awkward shaped rooms and manoeuvring around objects such as W/C’s and basins in smaller rooms.

Warm Water Underfloor Heating

Water underfloor heating systems are a popular choice for extensions and new constructions. These systems use water for heating, so they can be linked to virtually any heat source, from a standard boiler to newer sustainable technologies, such as solar thermal energy or heat pumps.

Purely Electrique’s range of warm water underfloor heating kits offer high quality components, reliability, ease of installation are supplied with everything required to install your underfloor heating solution in a single or multi-zone area.