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ProAktive Self Build Structural Warranty

A structural warranty often referred to as ‘latent defects insurance’ is an insurance product that covers up to the first 10 years in the life of a new house. If something goes fundamentally wrong with your house such as drains not working, walls cracking etc the warranty provider will fix it instead of you having to chase up your builder.

The warranty provider will check your plans (known as a technical audit) and inspect the house whilst under construction with a minimum of five visits during the following stages: foundations, superstructure, roof pre felt and batten, pre plaster and completion.

While not compulsory you may have trouble selling a house less than ten years old if you don’t have a self build structural warranty in place. Although a warranty can be purchased on completion (see below) the cost will be four to five times more than it would be before the build started, as the insurer has been unable to check the build as it progresses.

ProAktive’s self build structural warranty is designed for individuals building their own homes. Unlike architects’ certificates, structural warranties are insurance policies, providing you with cover in the event of damage caused by a defect in your property.

ProAktive’s completed housing warranty has been designed for properties that are wind and watertight and less than ten years old and were built without the benefit of having a Structural Warranty in place from the beginning.

ProAktive Self Build developed the first UK self build insurance policy in 1984 and have been experts in the field ever since. Their staff have over 40 years insurance industry experience and are self build experts who are happy to discuss your project and insurance requirements.

ProAktive’s self build insurance provides site insurance and structural warranties for new build, renovation, extension and conversion projects irrespective of whether the work is being carried out by a main builder, individual tradesman or as part of a self build or DIY renovation project.

Backed by Aviva, their comprehensive new build site insurance covers fixtures, fittings and materials for perils such as fire, theft, storm damage and accidental damage.  It also provides cover for accidents that occur on site to members of the public or contractors working for you under the liability sections of the policy. ProAktive’s renovation, conversion or extension policy can cover listed buildings, thatch properties, churches, schools, barns, water towers and more. Cover includes all listed above and extends to cover the existing structure being worked on.

The ProAktive self build warranty is a specialised insurance product and accepted by the majority of the UK’s top lenders. It is design to cover the first few years in the life of a new house. If there is something fundamentally wrong with your house such as walls cracking, drains not working etc. The warranty provider will fix it instead of you having to chase up your builder.

While it’s not compulsory, most lenders will require one, and you are likely to have problems selling a property less than ten years old if you don’t have a warranty in place.

ProAktive self build is part of the ProAktive Group and are leading insurance brokers in the North of England, enjoying an enviable reputation for quality and customer service.

ProAktive pride themselves on offering an excellent service to self builders and are committed to providing the right cover to ensure their project is a success.