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The PergoTex is an all-weather folding retractable canopy system. Designed for use all year round this canopy will convert a patio or terrace into a stunning outdoor living room with Mediterranean flair. When open, it lets you enjoy the full benefit of the sun, when closed, it provides light and UV protection. And as rain protection, it even resists a down-pour (from a pitch of 8° or higher).

Tried and tested Weinor retractable roof technology provides a maximum degree of wind resistance.

The elegant PergoTex protects against sun, wind and rain. It is transformed into a stunning outdoor living room when equipped with vertical screens. The clever construction of the PergoTex allows glass sliding walls to be installed on all sides with little work. This provides you with added protection against the wind and weather. At the same time, the all-around transparency gives you the feeling of genuinely being outside.  The easy-glide sliding walls are easy to open and close or to lock in place – depending on your personal wishes and the weather. Its intelligent actuator function ensures an exceptionally fast operation of all of the all-glass elements simultaneously.

You can extend and retract the tear-resistant, light-resistant and water-resistant PVC awning fabric with ease – for maximum pleasure and comfort. Those who decide on the PergoTex II awning can be certain of enjoying their product for a long time.
One of the additional extras that can be chosen with the PergoTex is the integrated high-power LED spotlights bring a pleasant atmosphere to your patio. They are energy efficient and especially long lasting.

This canopy makes sure that you never get caught out in the rain. An intelligent water drainage construction guides the rain along the guttering, through the post and downwards. The small fabric safety shield also provides for reliable water drainage with sideways gutters. A further benefit: the aluminium fabric safety shield is designed so that the noise made by the raindrops is kept as low as possible
For more information on the PergoTex head to their website

Shade Zone is one of the UK’s leading awning and canopy specialists. With the largest range of canopies and awnings in the UK from the world’s leading manufacturers, we have a solution to fit any property. We have added value and functionality to many properties for over a decade. Our customers continue to come back to us because they appreciate our high-quality systems and personal service.

Regardless of the weather, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The garden is no longer separate from the house; both form a single unit. This also makes us yearn for more atmosphere, comfort and optimal enjoyment while being outdoors. Being outside becomes living outside!
Our Louver blade canopy range includes the Skye, the Algarve and the Camargue. The blades on the roof rotate 150 degrees allowing the user to choose how much sun protection and ventilation is required. When closed the blades create a waterproof roof and with the integrated guttering system which drains the water from the blades into the support columns, which also act as drainage down pipes. The Camargue is the most popular due to its functionality and the ability to customise it to each client’s specification.
From drop down fixed screens, Loggia sliding panels, Glass sliding walls or a combination of all 3, The Camargue can create a totally enclosed environment and protect you from the elements. LED lights, heaters and speakers are amongst the other accessories that can be added to the Camargue.

Our contemporary awnings are very popular in the UK. Our awnings come in different styles from our high end full cassette awnings like the Opal and Zenara awnings to our semi cassette and open cassette awnings like the Semina and Topas. Each awning is unique in its appearance and but they all have the same mechanics inside. The awnings come in 50 standard frame colours and over 150 different fabric patterns.

Many of our canopies can be lean to or free standing structures. Whether you want a concertina style retractable canopy or a rotating blade canopy we have an all-weather solution that will meet the requirements of any bespoke customer project. Our canopies can reach widths of up to 14m and can be supplied in a range of RAL colours to match any exterior building.

Shade Zone will manage every project from design to installation and continue to look after our customers after their project is complete.

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows. Shade Zone are specialists in the supply of top quality alfresco solutions offering a vast range of awnings, canopies, pavilions, parasols, outdoor furniture and smoking solutions to suit a wide range of applications across many sectors. Transforming outdoor areas is their speciality. Not only can they create a stylish alfresco solution for your café, bar, restaurant, pub, high street shop or school, but can also design and create a perfectly bespoke alfresco area for your home. In addition to the ‘alfresco’ areas, Shade Zone can also create functional and environmentally friendly smoking areas for your business.