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Solid oak flooring has been a staple in homes down the ages and was probably used by the very first peoples to settle in Europe.

It’s not surprising really, when you think about how durable, easy to work and downright beautiful solid oak can be.

In the days of yore, most of the flooring would have been green oak and installed at the same time as the construction of the dwelling, but over time, air drying and kiln drying became more popular as the understanding of the properties of oak grew.

These days, all solid oak flooring is kiln dried to a moisture content of between 8% and 12% to minimise movement in the wood as humidity levels change.

The Grades Of Solid Oak Flooring

Barn Grade

Barn grade, or rustic/pub grade is renowned for its high number of knots, burns, color streaks, shakes, cracks and even holes.

These features give the boards their distinctive character – ideal for use in restoring an old barn or fitting out a rustic pub.

Character Grade

Character is the most commonly found grade of oak flooring, with occasional knots of differing sizes and wide colour variation.

This grade sometimes includes the odd hairline shake too.

Character grade oak flooring is the perfect “Jack of all trades” and looks good in everything from a barn conversion to a modern flat.

Select Grade

Select grade solid oak flooring is essentially a finer version of character grade with fewer knots, shakes and cracks as well as less colour variation.

If you are looking for a “cleaner” look for your floor, select grade offers the best compromise between character grade and prime grade.

Classic Grade

In terms of its knots and shakes, classic grade solid oak flooring is very similar to character grade oak flooring.

The key difference between the pair is that classic grade has the striking figuring of medullary rays.

Medullary rays are caused by plant cells running across the tree at an angle resulting in silky smooth, silver markings across the board.

Prime Grade

If you are looking for utter perfection from your oak flooring, prime grade is as close as you’ll come.

Taken form the centre of the oak round, where the growth rings are most tightly packed, prime grade flooring is virtually free from any knots, shakes and burrs, each tree producing only a small quantity of these boards.

Legere 14mm

If you are looking to install an oak floor which needs to be laid over a plywood sub-floor, while still keeping as much room height as possible, Legere 14mm solid oak flooring is the perfect solution.

A similar grade to character flooring, the 14mm thickness proves just thick enough to make the floor stable, yet thin enough to replace a carpet/underlay combination.

Grange 14mm

Like Legere, this board has been created to cater for those who are after thinner, yet stable solid oak flooring.

The Grange board is based on barn grade oak with all of the same characteristics in a thinner form.

Peak Oak supply Solid Oak Flooring, Engineered Oak flooring, Solid Oak Doors, Wrought Ironware and Green/Air Dried Oak Beams to customers around the globe.

Hand selected oak flooring from only European sourced timber. Buying an oak floor for your home or business is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Like many products, oak flooring sales online have become a race to the bottom – both on price and quality.

Sealed packs of short length, narrow boards imported from the Far East and dispatched from faceless warehouses have become the norm.

It’s tempting when prices seem so low…

But when you have to replace your newly fitted floor because it has lifted, warped or just doesn’t look right, you’ll end up buying the floor you should have started with in any case.

It’s the classic false economy.

Peak Oak like to think there’s a better way.

Visit their superbly appointed showroom and take as long as you like to choose the floor that’s right for you, with expert guidance on hand if you need it. Peak Oak bend over backwards to get you the best floor within your budget and then deliver it where and when you want it.

Why risk buying sight unseen when you can view the the actual boards that will make up your floor in person?

Contact Peak Oak now and discover a new way to buy your next oak floor.