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Engineered oak flooring is essentially, a 6mm solid oak floor board bonded to a strong, stable, tongue and grooved plyboard base, to create a 20mm floor board available in various widths and lengths.

The great benefit of engineered flooring is that it can be laid using the traditional methods of nailing or screwing to battens, it can be glued to a concrete floor in any width, or it can be laid as a floating floor over an underlay sheet.

An engineered oak floor, once laid, is indistinguishable from a solid oak floor.

Originally as a supplier of solid oak flooring, Peak Oak were a little hesitant to supply engineered oak boards, but having seen an engineered floor laid, even they couldn’t tell the difference!


Peak Oak’s 20mm unfinished engineered boards are made up of a 6mm top layer of European oak, bonded to a base board of 15mm Siberian Birch ply (11 layers of ply).

Once laid, you cannot tell the difference between our unfinished engineered flooring and their unfinished solid oak flooring!

Peak Oak supply Solid Oak Flooring, Engineered Oak flooring, Solid Oak Doors, Wrought Ironware and Green/Air Dried Oak Beams to customers around the globe.

Hand selected oak flooring from only European sourced timber. Buying an oak floor for your home or business is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Like many products, oak flooring sales online have become a race to the bottom – both on price and quality.

Sealed packs of short length, narrow boards imported from the Far East and dispatched from faceless warehouses have become the norm.

It’s tempting when prices seem so low…

But when you have to replace your newly fitted floor because it has lifted, warped or just doesn’t look right, you’ll end up buying the floor you should have started with in any case.

It’s the classic false economy.

Peak Oak like to think there’s a better way.

Visit their superbly appointed showroom and take as long as you like to choose the floor that’s right for you, with expert guidance on hand if you need it. Peak Oak bend over backwards to get you the best floor within your budget and then deliver it where and when you want it.

Why risk buying sight unseen when you can view the the actual boards that will make up your floor in person?

Contact Peak Oak now and discover a new way to buy your next oak floor.