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Pathfinder Site Management (PSM) has been formed to offer assistance to clients engaged in building their own homes. Each client’s house building project is unique.  PSM offers an initial consultation, which is free, where the client’s intentions concerning the scope of work outside the fabrication and erection of the dwelling and how PSM can assist in formulating the various contracts, would be discussed.  The notes of this discussion would be a preliminary “Scope of Services” letter, defining PSM’s role, to be agreed with the client to form the basis of an Agreement between the client and PSM.

Typical PSM scope of work would include:

  • Assistance in securing the services of a Structural Engineer, including the scoping of the foundation design including geotechnical and other surveys
  • Scoping the site preparation – access and fencing, security, health and safety,top soil removal, setting out, utilities implementation, foundation and underground works (trenching etc)
  • Preparation of a preliminary project plan
  • Preparation of a detailed project plan, including key milestones
  • Preparation of a preliminary budget estimate
  • Progress monitoring & control of the designs and specifications
  • Progress monitoring & control of procurement
  • Progress monitoring & control of construction
  • Budgetary control
  • Contract administration
  • Periodic reporting


Ray Pope, (founder of PSM) has been involved with a number of clients on large scale projects in oil and gas, nuclear construction, railways etc.  These projects have including small-scale sub-projects in engineering, purchasing and construction.  These have included:

  • Corporations in UK
  • Service Companies in UK
  • Corporations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and the Far East


Ray Pope is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, UK and a Member of the Association of Cost Engineer, UK.  Before founding Pathfinder Site Management in October 2015 he was a Senior/Lead Planning and Cost Control Engineer at various levels of management, contracting his services in project planning and cost control for Clients in various industrial sectors including Oil and Gas, Rail, Nuclear Construction, Process Plants etc.

Major accomplishments in these industries included contributing to the successful completion, on time and under budget, of Phases 1 and 1A of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System, the Ringhals 3 and Ringhals 4 Nuclear Power Plants and 5 telecommunications construction sites in Italy for the Italian Aviation Authority.

Ray is the author of the “Ringhals 3 Close-out Report” published by Westinghouse Nuclear Europe.   He wrote and read a paper on “Planning & Programming the Civil Engineering Part of the Singapore MRT Project” at the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Conference in 1987.

He has lectured on the subject of Project Controls Management in several countries and has mentored young planning engineers in UK, Germany, Thailand and Singapore.

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Pathfinder Site Management (PSM) was founded in Oct 2015, as a successor company to an older company, to assist Clients in managing their projects in planning, progress monitoring, cost control and other aspects of project management. PSM’s focus is on small-scale projects, mainly self-build projects. PSM can assist Clients from the granting of outline planning permission in the following areas:

  • Liaison with Local Authorities
  • Liaison with prefabricated buildings suppliers
  • Foundation implementation – design, contracting, construction
  • Geotechnical and other surveys as required
  • Landscaping
  • Site Preparation including:
    • Access and fencing
    • Security and Safety
    • Top soil stripping
    • Setting out
    • Utilities etc
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