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A new build house in Cambridgeshire required surfacing for a large driveway.

The asphalt base for resin bound paving had already been laid during the build, but the contractor they were going to use had unfortunately gone out of business.

With the base already prepared, SureSet were contracted to install the resin bound surface. There was also an ACO channel drain running along the middle of the driveway and a large, and very ugly, square manhole cover right outside the front door.

The SureSet Solution

For the square manhole directly outside the front door SureSet formed (with aluminium edging) a ring around the outside of the actual drain as well as one around the outside of the cover. This was infilled with resin bound paving leaving holes for the manhole keys, ensuring access when required.

SureSet cut channels around the perimeter of the asphalt base, alongside the ACO drain and around the water meter. This was to ensure that the resin bound surface met all edges in an aesthetically pleasing way, whilst leaving the correct depth for the SureSet to be installed.

This new Sterling driveway is the perfect finishing touch to their new house, and the colour complements the house beautifully.

The manhole cover outside the front door is hardly noticeable having been covered with SureSet while remaining accessible. A channel alongside the ACO and around the water drain in order to lay SureSet as close as possible ensures a smooth finish.

There is a SureSet solution for everything…

Key features

  • Natural Aggregate: 3mm Sterling
  • Application: turning driveway
  • Area: 147m²
  • Base: asphalt
  • Depth: 16mm
  • Edging: aluminium, setts
  • Installed: June 2016

Since 1997, SureSet has been manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality permeable resin bound paving to homes and businesses across the UK, and internationally.

SureSet delivers an attractive, durable and long-lasting surface that requires minimal maintenance.  It is an environmentally friendly, low energy material that is mixed cold on site and laid by skilled installers to a smooth, accessible finish.

SureSet have an excellent technical support team who really know their stuff and are happy to give free expert advice on their specialist products and its technology.

Not only do they offer a full installation service, covered by an industry leading 21 year guarantee, but they also offer supply only options on several of their products.

The Range from SureSet

FlexiSet ®– 50% recycled rubber, 50% 6mm natural aggregate and resin, delivering the usual environmental benefits associated with SureSet. Suitable for pedestrian use only.

Vertical ® – The first product designed specifically for hand applying resin bound paving to walls, step faces and other vertical surfaces.

Self Installation – The SureSet shop is the place to go for all self installation product ranges, as well as all the tools and accessories you’ll need for the job.

SureSet Approved Installers

If you are interested in finding out about becoming a SureSet Approved Installer please email or call the SureSet sales team on 01985 841180.

If you would like information about SureSet’s Global Partners please email or call Joni Withers on +44 01985 841872

Proud to exhibit at the Homebuilding & Renovating show.