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NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms offer four-hour fire protection for a minimum 152mm thickness concrete core. Tests show that the system is no more toxic than burning wood and do not pose any risk of exposure to hydrogen cyanide. Our forms have been tested for compliance with EOTA and BBA technical requirements. The foam plastic insulation used in NUDURA systems complies with UK and European Codes. All EPS foam used in our formwork contains a mandatory polymeric based flame inhibiting agent, which is designed to extinguish flame when the flame source is removed from contact with the foam.  Read the full Fire Protection statement here 

Choose NUDURA ICF and measure the difference


Walls make up the largest surface area of any building. By choosing global leader, NUDURA ICF, your sustainable building won’t be limited by design and will come with measurable benefits:


Energy efficiency: NUDURA ICF structures optimize energy performance through U-values that meet and exceed Passivhaus/Code for Sustainable Homes; saving building owners up to 70% in energy costs.

Speed of build: With NUDURA, six building steps are completed all at once: saving up to 60% on labour and 25% time on site for a shell finish.

Acoustic performance: NUDURA ICF is an effective sound barrier, offering superior building comfort with a Sound Reduction Index of 51.

Strength: NUDURA ICFs are ideal for both complex and curved structures and the same system can be used for below and above grade walls.

Fire resistance: NUDURA ICFs deliver a fire protection rating of up to four hours.

Disaster resistance: NUDURA ICF is inherently resistant to whatever Mother Nature brings.

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