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“It’s really not that difficult as British homeowners have an intrinsic appreciation of the natural beauty of wood: how it looks, feels and performs.  And of course timber is the only truly sustainable option for high quality joinery.

But let’s put some real data on the table. Some interesting and valuable research was carried out a few years ago, which is still valid, on behalf of the Wood Window Alliance (WWA), an affiliate of the British Woodworking Federation.  This in-depth, 2-year study was based on four commonly used materials in window frame manufacture including timber and PVC-U.

The conclusive results proved that timber windows are more sustainable; will last longer; are better value and have a negative value in relation to global warming.

We all like to invest wisely and over a lifetime timber is proven to offer the lowest cost option. Made to the exacting standards of the WWA Mumford & Woods timber windows have an expected life of between 56 – 65 years or more.  Timber has been proven to offer the lowest cost option in frame material with the added benefit of extended service life.  This equates to money in your pocket. However, you may not be planning to spend that period of time in the same property, so will you be able to recoup your investment if you decide to sell? The short answer is Yes! Anecdotal and empirical research confirms that the incorrect choice of window material, especially in a period home, will seriously detract from its desirability, and its value.

Windows made from PVC-U negatively impact global warming. By substituting a single timber frame window for a PVC-U frame, approximately 160kg CO₂e is saved over the expected 60 year life of the window making it carbon neutral.  Multiply this by several windows in an average size house and the savings can be measured in tonnes. This great result for timber is due to the carbon storage effect of this natural resource during its growth phase; by converting timber into products ensures carbon is locked away for the life of the tree and in the products it is used to create. 

When you add all these benefits together I feel better knowing that we are making a positive contribution to environmental factors for the benefit of the planet.  And this feels good to me.

Kerbside appeal

Windows play a key role in the kerbside appeal and value of a property and aesthetics are paramount in the decision making process.  Equally they must be functional, keeping you warm and comfortable, as well as safe and secure.  Our double glazed Conservation™ windows tick these boxes and offer exceptional standards of security, thermal and acoustic performance that meet and surpass the requirements of Building Regulations while being beautiful to look at and a pleasure to touch and operate.  Making this investment will add value to your home, improving its resale value and increasing its desirability to new purchasers. 

Heritage and conservation

For those who live in a conservation area, or in a listed property, planning restrictions are sure to apply.  Mumford & Wood has the answer.  Mumford & Wood Heritage™ range is a single glazed collection of beautiful and authentic period-style windows and doors while products in the Classic™ range feature a slim panel double glazed system which your planning officer may consider to be the perfect compromise.  Both have traditional external putty faced finish and can be glazed with Victorian or Crown glass to replicate the much-loved imperfections of hand-blown glass.

Every product we manufacture is made from superior grade Siberian larch which is engineered for strength and stability so ‘stick, warp and twist’ is unlikely.  Supplied with three coats of protective micro-porous paint or stain, you might want to consider our dual colour option which is sure to spark the interior designer in you.  We support all our products with warranties, an optional annual Complete Care service, while our own Mumford & Wood branded paint will ensure your windows and doors look and perform better for longer.”

  • Frank Buckley, managing director, Mumford & Wood Limited  

Talk to Mumford & Wood about your project, or visit their showrooms in Essex and their permanent display at The Building Centre, London WC1, 01621 818155

Mumford & Wood is a specialist manufacturer of bespoke, high-performance, thermally efficient timber windows and doors in period and contemporary designs including stunning feature windows.

A combination of modern manufacturing technology combined with authentic period detailing has earned the brand award-winning status.

All products are internally glazed for added security and the new colour match and dual colour paint or stain facility is a popular option.

Visit their showrooms in London and Essex.