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Alongside Roof Trusses and Attic Trusses Minera also supply an eco-friendly engineered floor joist product: the Open Metal Web Floor Joists (also known as Posi-Joist | Ecojoist |Easi-Joist |Spacejoist). This revolutionary new product has been designed with two factors in mind; to reduce the amount of timber used in your project whilst also having the advantage of assisting trades when installing cabling and piping.

Whereas traditional floor joists size measure 225 x 50 or 225 x 75mm with Engineered Floor Joist – Open Metal Web Floor Joists (Posi-Joist | Ecojoist | Easi-Joist | Spacejoist), the only timber that is used measures 97 x 47mm. The floor depth can still be 219mm deep, but the key difference is that the middle of the web is not made from timber, but actually consists of a V shape Metal Web.


The special V plate, which is made of high quality galvanised steel means that the engineered floor joists can use only 97mm x 47mm of timber and still work at 219mm deep. Each joist is specially designed and engineered by Minera’s resident engineers to the correct loading for your project, for example, residential loading to office loading to flats loadings. Engineered Floor Joists – Open Metal Web Floor Joist (Posi-Joist | Ecojoist | Easi-Joist | Spacejoist) can be used in any of these conditions.

The open metal web of the Engineered Floor Joists has been designed with trades in mind. Minera’s Engineered Floor Joist with the open metal is shaped in a way that all trade services from wiring of lights, electrical plug sockets and home entertainment cabling, copper pipework or plastic pipework and vent ducting, can all be installed quickly and easily between the V Shaped Webs.

Furthermore, with MHVR – Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery becoming increasingly popular, the open metal web floor joist system (Posi-Joist | Ecojoist | Easi-Joist | Spacejoist) is also increasing in popularity and has become the number one choice over the I-Joist system.

In addition to the environmental and trade benefits, with Engineered Floor Joists you are not restricted to one type of decking. Floor material can range from Chipboard to Plywood or Concrete Screed. Simply supply Minera engineers with your flooring requirements then Minera Roof Trusses can design an Engineered Floor Joist – Open Metal Web Floor Joist (Posi-Joist | Ecojoist | Easi-Joist | Spacejoist) floor to suit your needs, free of charge from our renowned Technical Support service.

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Situated in the North East of Wales, near the industrial town of Wrexham, Minera Roof Trusses have been supplying builders, architects, engineers and homeowners with roof trusses since 1977.

During this time, Minera Roof Trusses have built a reputation in the construction industry for excellent service, quality of product and putting the customer’s needs first. Minera Roof Trusses are roof truss experts, specialising in design, manufacture and supply to your site in 5 working days.

In addition they specialise in complex roof design including Attic Trusses and Raised Tie Trusses along with floor joists and much more.

Minera Roof Trusses are constantly investing in modern technology with state of the art machinery and high spec computer design software. This progressive thinking allowed Minera Roof Trusses to be the first in the country to offer Attic Trusses on a 5 day delivery and with a new high speed Engineered Joist press their speedy delivery now extends to the Open Metal Web floor range.

Their staff are all experts in their field and extremely qualified to advise you on any queries you may have. Simply contact their friendly team either by telephone or email during office hours and they will be happy to assist.

Visit the website and get a quick online quotation.