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IQ Gates are able to combine two of the most popular driveway gate materials, steel and hardwood timber, to create the perfect bespoke range of gate designs. These gates can be made into any style of automated gate including driveway gates, sliding, split, garden, side gates or estate gates. The combination of these two materials creates the perfect timber aesthetic with added strength from the metal framing with minimal edge detailing.

The steel framing houses hardwood timbers in either Iroko or Red Cedar for your choice of finish. These hardwoods can then be finished with timber wax, unfinished timber or with a choice of other colours that are available.

This gate style provides an endless amount of design possibilities. You can create almost any metal framing design you would like as well as being able to choose from a wide range of pre-designed gate products. Each gate can offer a different range of finishes, colours and design options for the timber. This means these gates can be very versatile, allowing you to create the perfect bespoke gate for your home.

IQ Gates can incorporate the metal framing throughout the gate, not only at the top of the gates. The metal framing can be integrated into the timber panels, to create a unique gate design bespoke to your property. The versatility of the metal used allows IQ Gates to create any bespoke design on any part of the gate. IQ Gates can design these gates to any width or height, allowing them to fit perfectly into any space.

With over 20 years in gate automation, IQ Gates work with the leaders in the fields of access control and automation equipment to bring you the latest in technology.

With the largest gate showroom in the Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire area they are able to provide a comprehensive range of gate designs to show what is possible from your automated entrance gate. IQ Gates can offer the widest selection of gate options including steel, timber, aluminium, metal framed timber gates and bespoke one offs.

As well as the wide range of gates, IQ Gates can also offer a broad spectrum of service contracts to ensure that your automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime. One off repairs and safety health checks for existing gates are also on offer. IQ Gates are able to help you create the most impressive and secure entrance to your home with incredible design and installation.

IQ Gates are part of ‘Gate Safe’ showing that we have detailed knowledge of all required safety legislation and requirements under British and European Law.