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The advantages for a self-builder of working with a German pre-manufacturing company are well-known; sustainability of building materials, quality and precision of construction, speed and accuracy of assembly on site.

Commonly known as flat-pack homes, or kit houses, today’s German pre-manufactured homes are light years away from the prefabs built as interim housing solutions in the post-war era.

Modern pre-manufactured houses are an investment in the future, meeting and outperforming all standards of insulation, fire prevention, damp-proofing and soundproofing.

Meisterstueck-HAUS has been building with timber since 1903; every house is constructed in the dry, temperature-controlled factory in Hamlin to individual designs, with computer-controlled precision and outstanding quality. Membership of the QDF (stringent third party quality control) ensures highest technical standards, energy efficiency and environmental protection .

Meisterstueck-HAUS is a medium-sized pre-manufacturing house company which has been owned and managed by the same family since 1903. They build with wood and wood-based materials,  which they feel is the most sustainable building material.

Meisterstueck-HAUS constructs stunning homes where every decision taken, from initial design to final house assembly, is geared towards producing a highly-insulated airtight house.
Ensuring that the fabric of the building is the best quality available will mean that energy-saving technology, whatever the self-builder’s choice, will perform at its best.

Spending money on the house shell is more economical in the long run– and Meisterstueck-HAUS prices are realistic.

Whether you call it a flat-pack home, a German kit home, or an off-site manufactured or pre-manufactured home, a Meisterstueck-HAUS  will stand out from all the rest through sustainable building materials, build quality, attention to detail, flexibility, continuity of service, and ability to build the out-of-the ordinary.