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Aluminium bi-fold doors are a great way of breathing new life into your home. The right set of doors can turn your home from one you love to one that all the neighbours will be jealous of. What’s more, Livingwood’s high quality aluminium frames will help you save money on your bills and even raise the value of your home.

No two customers are the same, which is why Livingwood offer a number of different lines, all of which can be tailored to ensure you’re delighted with the final results.

Aluminium Folding Doors

To Livingwood, the right set of bi-fold doors means enjoying the view, rather than blocking it. While inferior products comprise more frame than glass, Livingwood work using metal frames capable of supporting larger panes. What does this mean for you? Simply that even when your bi-fold doors are closed, you’ll be able to enjoy gazing outside, your view un-interrupted by larger, intruding frames.

The smaller frames don’t mean having to sacrifice toughness, however. Livingwood have earned a great reputation among their customers because they supply doors that truly cover all the bases. That includes security. Indeed, their aluminium folding doors can be altered to suit any kind of locking solution, and the CF 68 door is class 2 burglar resistant, and their CS 68 variations also provide fire resistance and panic solution options. Don’t compromise on your safety.

Transform the room of your choosing, and turn it into a space you truly love to spend time in. Livingwood aluminium sliding doors can help you.

Reynaers CF-77 Doors

Reynaers are one of the most prestigious door and window manufacturers in Europe, and Livingwood love nothing more than helping their customers take advantage of such a prestigious brand’s work. The CF-77 doors are one of their most popular lines, and it’s not hard to see why.

There are a number of different variants within the CF-77 line, and every single model has been designed and tested for fire resistance, burglar resistance and even bullet resistance. What’s more, every model also contains solutions for panic situations. In short, the CF-77 is one of the safest, most secure lines on the market.

It can be modified to suit a range of different inward and outward opening types, and there are a number of locking options, so the door can be configured in any way you wish. The specially designed insulation strips help to achieve maximum door tightness, so you can be sure the door will perform as well as any model on the market. There’s nothing the modern home needs that the CF-77 can’t provide.

In terms of pure quality, the CF-77 is unmatched in achieving the highest European standards in the industry.

Get in touch

If you’re considering having aluminium bi-fold doors installed in your home, pick up the phone and give Livingwood a call today. They’ve helped customers across the UK achieve their ideal home and would absolutely love to do the same for you. Whatever you’ve got in mind, Livingwood can help you achieve.

Livingwood Doors & Windows provide high quality products to customers across the UK. Combining 50 years of experience with a process that prioritises the use of outstanding, environmentally friendly materials, they’ve earned a reputation for producing exceptional work and for giving their customers a friendly, professional service that ensures they’re happy every single time.

Aluminium doors and windows, manufactured to the highest standards

Achieving great results in the building trade comes down to prioritising quality above everything else. That’s what Livingwood do: prioritise being the very best. By ensuring that every part of the process is completed with high standards in mind, they’re able to produce excellent results for customers again and again.

What does prioritising quality mean? It means never settling for second best in any area.

All of Livingwood’s doors and windows are currently designed by Reynaers, a Belgian designer renowned throughout Europe for their market-leading specialism in innovative and sustainable solutions. They combine this skill with an un-matched knowledge of building aesthetics, allowing them to create designs that are functional and efficient at the same time as being visually stunning.

It’s important to emphasise that though their designs have a European flair, all of Livingwood’s aluminium doors and windows are manufactured exclusively by Livingwood themselves, in the UK, using the highest quality, state-of-the-art machinery. The company has always re-invested to ensure standards remain high, and the installation of £110,000’s worth of new equipment in their HQ was another indication of this.

Livingwood are currently based at the Bury Hillside Business Park, which is the ideal current facility. However, they’ve never been prepared to compromise on the service they deliver, so they’re currently looking at potential options should they continue to expand in the future.

Specialists in high grade aluminium

The aluminium glazing industry is currently enjoying a period of real growth, with homeowners beginning to catch onto the potential benefits of the material. Aluminium offers the potential for slimmer sight lines and profiles, smaller frames and for improved U-values. Essentially, there are no downsides to using the metal in doors and windows.

Livingwood are well-positioned to take advantage of any future industry growth. Having received the Building & Facilities News award for Window & Door Specialist of the Year in 2016, it’s clear the company’s potential for expanding further is huge.

Happy customers

Livingwood’s approach is one entirely focused on customer service. The initial assessment phase is based around providing a thorough inspection in order to provide a firm estimate to the customer, wherever in the UK they’re based. From there, the manufacturing process is completed at the company’s Suffolk facility, and the final installation takes place. The company’s aftercare, meanwhile, includes a 10-year guarantee for aluminium windows and doors and a 5-year guarantee for the timber models.

An experienced senior team

The Livingwood senior team brings over half a century’s worth of knowledge and experience to their work, and includes:

  • Toby Golding. Toby had built up over 18 years of experience in the industry before he co-founded Livingwood, and now uses that knowledge to help customers achieve their perfect home.
  • Antony Jackson. As the director and co-founded of Livingwood, Antony takes a very hands-on approach to ensuring clients end up delighted with the results of their project.
  • James Seddon. James is Livingwood’s sales and estimating manager, and has over a decade’s experience in ensuring projects go swimmingly.

Contact details

If you’re interested in contacting Livingwood, you can reach them by calling 01284 764045.