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This modern yet homely looking living room ambiance was created using dim tone LED light bulbs from Philips Lighting. The matching wall and ceiling lights are able to dim not only in brightness but also in colour warmth.

When choosing light fixtures for any room or environment your main decision processes should be:

  1. What is the main function of the room? This room function is for chilling out and watching TV.
  2. How bright does it need to be? If it was an office, it would need to illuminated to 500 lux but as it’s a living room just 150 lux is fine.
  3. Do you want dimmable lights? If it’s a living room, then you’ll definitely want to be able to dim your lights. Otherwise you could be sat watching Only Fools and Horses in full brightness looking like a right plonker!

Downlights Direct is a lighting website that offers premium quality LED lighting products from the UK’s leading brands. They pride themselves on offering the very latest and greatest products that the UK lighting industry has to offer.

Recessed downlights are a modern, discreet alternative to traditional surface style fittings such as pendants, spotlights and ceiling lights. LED downlights are a low energy, longer lasting alternative to halogen and are available in many different designs and styles. Downlights Direct offer one of the largest portfolios of downlights available on the web and are able to offer technical advice to help you choose the right products for your room or project.

As trained LIA (Lighting Industry Association) lighting specialists they also offer lighting design services. Using lighting design software, Downlights Direct can provide you with a detailed layout that shows you which downlights and how many of them to install. This avoids any guesswork on yours or your contractor’s behalf and prevents the potential of installing too many or not enough downlights. There is only a small charge for this service.

To complement their range of downlights they offer many other types of indoor and outdoor light fixtures that include wall lights, ground lights and LED tape. LED tape is great for under cabinet and pelmet lighting. It is a versatile and flexible strip of LEDs that are soldered onto a self-adhesive tape. Downlights Direct can supply this in made to measure lengths of your choosing.

As Downlights Direct only offer trusted, branded products from the likes of Philips, Aurora, JCC and Ansell lighting you can be sure that you’re getting superior products that are designed to last. High quality products that will continue to look great, providing illumination and elegance for many years.

Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Downlights Direct offer a nationwide delivery service, holding vast amounts of stock of their key product ranges, all of which can be easily ordered online.