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For rendered or to-be-rendered properties

Package contains:

1 x Frosti®-Plus Tap

1 x Chrome Cap

1 x Black Key Cap

1 x Fitting Instructions


The installation kit can be cut to length for all common walls between 150 mm and 415 mm. By using extension sets, it is possible

to insert the FROSTI®-PLUS in walls up to 655 mm thickness.

The threaded tube can be installed during shell construction phase.

The outlet valve is mounted when the facade is finished to avoid

any damage on the valve during construction.


  • Protects the building from frost damage through the natural draining process after every use 
  • Hygienically safe: no stagnation volume
  • Superior flow rate of 40 litres per minute at 0.1 Map (1.0 bar) flow pressure 
  • All parts in contact with water are made of gunmetal WRAS approved
  • Fitted with an aerator for automatic drainage.
  • Can be extended to your chosen length at the construction site.
  • Includes hose coupling for common connection systems.
  • Wetted metal parts manufactured from dezincification and corrosion-resistant gunmetal.
  • Flexible installation length, with sliding wall disc in outdoor area.
  • Suitable for fast retrofit installation on already finished outer walls.
  • Supplied pre-assembled.
  • High discharge capacity of 40 LPM @ 1 bar.
  • EPDM-seat gasket.

About Us

The small addition to your home that makes a big difference!

Introducing the Kemper Frosti® Tap – the outside tap that wont freeze.  

The innovative plumbing solution is designed to protect you from the costly expense

of burst water pipes and the dangerous health effects of stagnant water.

The potential volume of water that can escape from a burst pipe is 400 litres in just one hour. That’s the equivalent of two bath tubs. And nobody can afford that kind of loss.

This amount is even more significant for second or multiple home owners, where properties may remain unoccupied for long periods of time. If one of these empty properties has a leak, a potential of 9,600 litres of water could be lost.

The installation of a Frosti® Tap will prevent the freezing that leads to pipes bursting, saving you money and hassle.

Frost Proof and Hygienic

Unlike regular outdoor taps the Frosti® tap is specially designed to seal off within the warm bricked area of the building.

When the tap is turned off it fully drains. This simple innovation ensures that no water is left in the tap or pipe when it is not being used, meaning there is nothing left to freeze.

Not Just For Winter

Outdoor taps can contain a water volume of more than 150 ml. If this water remains in the tap for days or weeks, germ growth is inevitable. With the Frosti®, residual water exposed to the risk of germ growth is removed from the tap, preventing contamination of drinking water all year-round!

The Frosti® purges the water out of the pipe and the tap, leaving no water to freeze. The automatic draining function reliably protects the proven Frosti® tap from freezing, and the consequential water damage, as well as preventing germ growth – making it twice as safe.

The Products

The FROSTI® -PLUS is designed for new build projects and can be installed after the completion of the outside wall.
The FROSTI®  is factory pre-assembled tap for fast and simple installation on completed projects or retro fitting to existing buildings

Currently, the highest altitude of an installed Frosti® is 3404 metres at a restaurant in the ski resort of Pitztaler Glazier, Tyrol.

The Operating Principle

1 When fully open, the water flows through the drain housing completely.

2 When closed, the water drains fully out of the tap. This prevents the tap from freezing and avoids water damage.

3 Since the tap drains fully there is no risk of germ growth

The product is designed in such a way that the check valve is installed within the “thermal envelope” of the building. Once the tap is shut off *closing the check valve* the water automatically drains out of the pipe and tap itself. It’s a free-flow design, so there are no pockets for any water to sit in, stagnate and freeze. Therefore, no insulation is required.