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With Sound Wave, Kaldewei provides an extraordinary experience of sound – both in and under water. But it doesn’t stop there. The innovative bath audio system allows you to immerse quite literally in your favourite tunes! With the bathtub acting as the sound box, you will find a complete new enjoyment of your music collection via your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Immerse yourself in the relaxing or invigorating moments of your personal bathroom playlist.

The bath audio system is installed together with the bathtub. Its six acoustic panels and two transducers are placed outside the tub using adhesive to prevent damaging the exquisite steel enamel. The transducers are connected to the receiver and control box, while the control box is plugged into a power source. When panelling the tub, the Sound Wave audio system is concealed behind the panels, but still able to receive signals from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Sound Wave can wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. The device (your smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC) does not need to be in the bathroom, so long as it is within a range of ten metres. Sound Wave is simple to operate with your device. After activation and connection to the system, Sound Wave will then automatically recognise your device each time you use it again.

(Sound Wave can be used with all Kaldewei bathtubs, except models with polystyrene support, whirl system or SKIN TOUCH)

For stockist information contact Kaldewei.  Tel. 01480 498053

Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG is a worldwide partner for iconic bathroom solutions shaped from superior steel enamel. With a portfolio of over 500 shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins, the premium manufacturer provides perfectly coordinated solutions for project business and private clients – featuring a uniform material throughout and harmonious design Kaldewei steel enamel products have demonstrated their distinctive material advantages in the bathroom over decades.

The company has been recognised as a “Brand of the Century” and, thanks to its collaboration with internationally renowned design companies, has received over 120 design awards. Founded in 1918, Kaldewei is now represented in more than 80 countries around the world, either by its own subsidiaries or by sales partners.