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Evolved Supplies Ltd believe in ‘Putting Fabric First’ and offer and range of products and systems that help you to achieve that for ‘hard to treat’ properties.

Its isn’t all about ‘U’ Values, it’s about also understanding the physics of the building and the way it works, it’s about taking vapour permeability into account and allowing walls to breathe and also the benefits of having thermal mass, as so many homes are now more at risk of overheating than of being too cold and that by just installing more insulation without giving consideration to ventilation is a recipe for disaster.

We want to take all of the elements of insulation, air tightness and ventilation to provide our clients with a whole house approach for achieving excellent energy efficiency for new and renovation projects.

One of the unique products that Evolved Supplies can offer is the iQ Therm system for internal insulation. iQ Therm provides a combination of capillary active calcium silicate and the high insulation capacity of organic foams. This allows for regulation of the air throughout the whole system, providing you with a comfortable room temperature and reliable protection against mould through surface condensation.

Key Features include:

  • Excellent thermal properties.
  • Breathable surface providing 100% protection against moisture & mould.
  • Regulates humidity and ensures a pleasant room climate.
  • Permanently reduces heating costs.
  • Can be used in all buildings and living spaces without altering the characteristics of the external envelope.
  • Thin construction, easy to install, suitable for large & small areas.

The system works by using a perforated foam panel which is impregnated with a special mineral that has a high capillary action. The panels are then bonded to the surface of the internal wall using a mineral based mortar. The system is then again coated with a mineral, lightweight plaster which forms the absorption layer and surface for finishing and decorating.

For properties, where losing valuable internal space isn’t an option, Evolved Supplies are able to offer the unique Fixit 222 System.
This is an insulated render system using the excellent thermal properties of aerogel technology. Also vapour open, this has been developed specifically for homes & buildings of historical value where a specific level of thermal comfort needs to be achieved.
The Fixit system can be used both internally & externally and is applied in such a way that it can follow existing contours and features.

Key Features include:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Lightweight system
  • Ideal for use in old or historical buildings
  • Vapour permeable – preventing surface condensation & mildew growth
  • Joint free insulation – no thermal bridging
  • Large selection of mineral finishing coats.

The Fixit system is a machine applied lightweight render that can be applied directly to stone & masonry walls. The system is applied in layers with a paint or decorative coat finishing layer.
For further details for the iQ Therm and Fixit systems, please go to where you’ll find information for all your insulation, air tightness & ventilation needs.

Established in 2007, Evolved Design offers a range of services using their ‘Carbon System Homes’ building solutions using materials that are sustainable, proven and energy efficient.

Their homes are designed to surpass the current building regulations & they are happy discussing technologies that will give you higher levels of comfort and save on energy costs & design in the use of triple glazed windows and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery by adopting the Passivhaus principals. They offer a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your design, plot and budget.

Evolved Design are happy to provide initial consultations, budget quotations and technical specifications without obligation. They are on hand to assist you through the entire process from design through planning to starting on site.

Their aim is to ensure that you are left a secure, weather tight shell for you or your builders to finish internally and externally or they can offer a complete turnkey solution.

Evolved design operate throughout England & Wales offering ‘on site’ services to all areas.

As certified Passivhaus designers they understand how to design homes that require little or no heating. They believe in ‘Putting fabric first’.