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Q-Grip decking by Hoppings Quality Decking is timber decking with enhanced grip properties provided by the addition of coarse slip resistant, resin bound aggregate strips and is available in many forms. Q-Grip Canterbury and York style slip resistant softwood decking is readily available from stock as is Q-Grip Bankirai hardwood decking. Alternatively, bespoke designs can be considered such as those featured on the temporary bridges and walkways on the 2012 Olympic Park.

Q-Grip Strip adopts the same technology but within a tiny timber profile can be bonded to the grooves of a number of Hoppings Quality decking profiles such as Q-Deck Canterbury, York and Lunawood hidden fix thermowood decking. Being recessed rather than planted on the surface of decking like most alternatives means Q-Grip Strip is one of the most elegant of retro-fit anti slip decking solutions.

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The Q-Deck range of quality decking products from Hoppings is wide and varied and provides solutions for most domestic and commercial decking applications.

Choose from Quality Decking preservative pre-treated softwood decking, Q-Grip slip resistant decking, Q-Grip slip resistant retro fit strip, Quality Decking Bangkirai hardwood decking, Q-Deck Lunawood thermowood decking, Q-Deck Twinson composite decking and Q-Deck Plus deck balustrades and deck subframe timbers.

Also available are associated landscaping timbers such as Q-Garden landscaping sleepers and preservative pre-treated softwood cladding and screening.

Equally suitable for use within a landscaped setting is Q-Clad timber cladding, consisting of a range of pre-painted, pre-stained (with Q-shades technology) and Thermowood timber cladding. Related products include deck stair strings, decking fixings, deck care products and our range of timber gates in pine or Iroko hardwood.