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Homeowners have become increasingly aware of the benefits of underfloor heating over conventional radiator systems, it’s no surprise that this is currently one of the fastest growing home improvement projects in the UK. Although there is an initial outlay to install the heating, over a surprisingly short time the savings on energy and efficiency will pay for themselves, while also adding additional value to the property overall.

Which system should you use in an existing house?

JK offers a unique retro-fit water underfloor heating system. Unique because there is no floor build-up, quick installation and moreover the heating pipe is in the top screed of your floor construction; a guaranteed quick heat response.

Case study – Tregarn House:

JK’s UFH is installed into this very spacious villa. Tregarn House is a beautifully presented architecturally designed home of generous proportions in the sought after village of Talygarn, Wales. The home owner found himself in the difficult position of having the wish for a eco-friendly water underfloor heating system for their home. An existing floor construction (concrete slab) with a 50 [mm] screed on top was the situation to start with. A variety of scenarios have been discussed with various companies.

[a] Digging out existing floor construction, and starting with a concrete, insulation, heating system and screed on top. Pros of this solution are a very well insulated floor construction and no-floor build up. Con’s on the other hand; much work, messy, curing times of the concrete and screed and overall very expensive.

[b] Placing an overlay system on top of the existing floor construction, there are many systems available with various build-up heights and heat output specifications. Pros; no mess, no floor prep works needed, water underfloor heating system. Con’s; can be complicated to install
the pre-routed floor panels throughout the house, floor build-up with at least 18 [mm] but in most cases more and still no insulation underneath.

[c] JK’s in-ground UFH system. Cutting channels into existing screed, where pipe is laid into, and directly on top the floor finish. Pros; quick installation, no floor construction works needed, not messy. Con’s; main ‘concern’ is often related to the missing insulation. JK’s system is designed for un-insulated floor constructions. Therefore the heating pipe is placed directly under the floor finish which guaranteed the heat output and minimises the heat loss downwards.

‘A renewable energy source, GSHP, is connected to the underfloor heating system. This property is converted into a very modern and sustainable living home.’

The system; JK in-ground UFH™ – Heat your home from the floor up 

JK’s in-ground UFH™ is a revolutionary underfloor heating system with no floor build-up. The top screed is grooved using a specially designed and patented ‘JK Floorgrinder’. The JK Floorgrinder dustless creates grooves in the screed into which the heating pipes are laid into.

Unique System features

  • Single heating system; the only and primary heat source
  • Zero build-up; embedded ‘into’ screed floor
  • Bespoke; custom floor cutting on site
  • Efficient; uses very low water temperatures
  • Eco-friendly; saves on your gas bill
  • Affordable; no sub-floor work needed
  • Quick; installations take one working day
  • Dust free; channels are cut in without producing dust
  • Responsive; feel the warmth within minutes
  • One party; trained in-house engineers fit the entire system

JK floorheating is your partner for installation of warm water underfloor heating systems. JK is a Dutch company, founded in 1994, headquartered in the Netherlands with subsidiaries spread over Europe.

JK invest in innovative underfloor heating solutions where the revolutionary installation method and a range of self-developed products are a great example.

In the past 20 years JK has acquired more than one million square meters of knowledge and experience of in-ground underfloor heating systems in a range of countries such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Iceland.

They have the knowledge, expertise and experience to bring you a quality customised solution whether for renovation, refurbishment or starting a new building project in residential or commercial buildings.

JK has the appropriate solution for every place or project. Good service is valuable, therefore they ensure that you receive the latest information and good advice. What’s more, the installation is done by highly-skilled employees who are individually hired and
trained by JK. Therefore it is guaranteed that the JK underfloor heating system meets the benefits and quality of the heating system in your house.