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Roofglaze’s range of Hinged Flatglass rooflights provide you with all the numerous benefits of natural daylight  but with the added bonus of being able to allow natural ventilation in to the building as and when you desire.

The Electric Hinged Flatglass rooflights are operated by fully-concealed 24v or 230v chain actuators, whereas the Manual Hinged units are operated by a worm gear spindle. As standard, the longest side of each unit is hinged, with a minimum kerb span of 500mm.

From flatglass rooflights, to large area roof glazing systems, through to a fully bespoke rooflight solution, their products will help you make the most of daylight.

Roofglaze designs, supplies and installs rooflights for all types of projects – from retail parks and leisure centres, to offices, schools, hospitals and private homes.

Established since 2001 with a wealth of experience across the business in the sale, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of rooflights and skylights.

Based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, they serve main contractors, roofing contractors, architects, local authorities and domestic customers across the UK and beyond.

Roofglaze are proud to work in partnership with world-leading rooflight manufacturers, as well as offering their own market-leading Flatglass rooflights that they manufacture at their in-house facility.

  • Friendly customer service from industry experts
  • Comprehensive site surveys
  • Advice and support with all aspects of the specification process
  • Scalable CAD drawings and 3D models
  • Short lead times on standard and bespoke products
  • Installation on-site
  • Stringent quality management in every department
  • Efficient and accountable project management

Why Roofglaze? Because they are unique!

Roofglaze are unique because they can offer you the most comprehensive overhead glazing package available in today’s marketplace.

Roofglaze provides independent, professional advice to give you the best possible solution for every project. They are able to do this because of their leading-edge technical partnerships and in-house production capabilities.

Their experienced team of estimators, designers and technical salespeople will always ensure that they supply you with the best rooflight or skylight system for the job at hand.