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After living for years a bungalow in Buckinghamshire, the Thomas family decided it was time for a big change. The desire was to create a comfortable and energy efficient new “green” home which used traditional masonry materials.

To meet these stringent requirements, H+H Standard Grade Celcon Blocks and Celcon Foundation Blocks with traditional mortar were selected for use on the internal and external walls of the large new four bedroom property.

The outstanding sustainability credentials of the aircrete matched the Thomas family’s wishes for lower energy consumption. H+H aircrete products provide first class thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as significantly improving the air-tightness of a property.

The combination of improved efficiency and comfort thrilled the Thomas family after they moved in. “Despite being bigger than our old bungalow it uses less energy. We really enjoy living here,” Mrs Thomas beamed.

With a relatively high thermal mass, H+H Celcon blocks are ideal for controlling the temperature of a room, which appealed to Mr and Mrs Thomas who dreamed of a home with higher levels of environmental comfort than their old bungalow. Aircrete controls temperatures by absorbing heat during the day, before releasing it at night, ensuring a comfortable internal environment. Non-masonry materials cannot control temperatures in this manner.

Aircrete blocks have a low lambda value (the measure of thermal conductivity) and provide excellent insulation due to the millions of tiny non-interconnecting cells that make up the structure of the blocks, helping to reduce heat loss.

To further improve the energy efficiency of their house the couple opted to finish the external walls with 10mm external wall insulation above DPC and 80mm below. This resulted in a minimum U-Value of 0.24W/m2K and a ‘B’ rating in the energy performance certificate.

Despite being his first build using external wall insulation, contractor Chris Page was impressed. “The single skin went up very quickly and I am very pleased with the end result. I would love to build another house like it.”

The result was an ultra efficient house that satisfied the Thomas family’s needs. It had a light open plan feel, a large living space and was highly efficient to run. Mrs Thomas said: “My favourite thing about our new home is the comfort factor. It is so warm and homely; there are no cold spots at all.”

For further information about how H+H Celcon Blocks can assist in creating your dream home visit, follow H+H on Twitter @celconblocks or check out the H+H Celcon Facebook page and YouTube channel.

H+H aircrete products offer a complete building material that meets the requirements of the Building Regulations, with the flexibility to offer solutions to hospitals, schools, offices, industrial warehouses and housing (social and private).

Used in partition, separating and external walls (solid or cavity), firewalls and as an infill to framed construction, their products provide durability and fire resistance as well as superb thermal and sound insulation.

Their philosophy is Build with Ease, manufacturing quality aircrete, as a trusted partner whilst offering innovative solutions.

All their products are backed by first class customer service, from the point of initial contact through to the point of delivery and customer service. Add to this their exceptional sustainability credentials (up to 80% of the raw materials used are recycled), which makes them a perfect partner to meet their customer’s needs and those of the industry.