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While the flagship design of the Focus Fire range, available in the UK from Diligence International, is the iconic Gyrofocus – original inspiration came with the Antefocus.

This was the very first design from Dominique Imbert, the man behind Focus, who created it for his own art studio in 1967, and lead him on to the successive Gyrofocus, and was the springboard for all the other fires in the collection.

Particularly suitable for areas where space may be limited, or where there is a desire to create a feature wall. Style wise, it is as fresh today as it ever was – bringing a sophisticated look to any type of room, contemporary or rustic, traditional or modern.

The fire boasts an impress 1.9m fire bed ideal for those longer logs.

As with the original, this fire is made to order, by hand, in polished raw waxed steel with visible welding seams. To maintain the importance of the individuality of the design, each fire is numbered and signed.

Being a suspended model it can be placed near a wall or in the centre of a room. With the fire weighing-in at 125kg (not including flue or suspension plate there is an optional wall-mounting plate which allows the fire to be hung on the wall; especially good for an existing property with a weak roof.

Hot favourite

Made to order, by hand, in France, each fire brings with it a level of individuality that cannot be matched by other mass-produced options available today.

Back in 1967, artist Dominique Imbert designed a fire for himself and his studio. Needless to say, the finished design featured all the ‘creative juices’ one might expect from an artist, it also– had a more functional importance … to keep him warm in a freezing cold building.

Dominique quickly realised that he could combine his artistic flair with fire design, and his seemingly boundless imagination has resulted in a collection that really does have ‘something for everyone’.

Diligence International is the UK importer of Focus Fires, offering the highest level of service from the early planning stage right through to the lighting of the wood. Technical expertise from Diligence will ensure the fire design will ‘work’ with the room, is fitted neatly, and is absolutely safe in use.

Full installation packages are provided by Diligence, with the company’s own installation team providing a professional fitting service. This is endorsed by the company being a member of the Hetas Competent Persons Scheme, which ensures work complies with Building Regulations, and appliances are safe and fit for purpose.