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Beautiful flooring for the perfect garage interior


Garage floors are often bare concrete, making them cold, dusty, and littered with cracks and stains. A new garage floor will inject new life into your garage and can completely transform the space, both visually and functionally.

Installation of garage floor tiles will help eliminate many common problems associated with concrete flooring including damp, dust and pock marks. There are a range of materials, textures, and colors available to suit every need and look fantastic.

PVC floor tiles have become an increasingly popular choice in the domestic garage due to their versatility and quick installation. The interlocking PVC tiles create a thermal, dust, and noise barrier to counteract common concrete floor issues while remaining extremely durable. As the tiles don’t require adhesive prep work on the existing garage floor, this means that even a large double garage can usually be covered in a day and can be used immediately.

If you would like a more luxurious finish and appearance then porcelain tiles are the number one choice. Porcelain tiles are commonly found in automotive workshops and are often used by commercial work spaces. The tiles are specifically sized to take the weight of a vehicle and not crack, as well as provide anti-slip properties thanks to their raised patterns.

As the originators of the ‘fitted garage’ concept, Dura Ltd‘s solution led garage furniture including modular cabinets, flooring and wall storage, has become world renowned and won both national and international accolades.

It is their mission to be the most innovative, inspirational and customer centric garage interior company in Europe, showing our customers that the garage no longer needs to be a forgotten room.

Their garage design experts are always available to discuss your initial requirements and arrange a survey if required. This survey will provide you the opportunity to discuss your garage ideas with someone who can walk you through the process, and also allows them to take accurate measurements and note the type of construction you have to best create your dream garage design.

Once built to your specifications Dura’s expert team of installers will ensure your new garage is fitted to the highest levels of accuracy, leaving you to enjoy your newly transformed garage.

Each of their modular cabinets is designed and manufactured in Britain using Epoxy coated steel and the latest machinery ensuring precision, quality and functionality.