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The Lithofin products below are specifically suited for the fabrication and installation of natural/engineered stone, and are used by fabricators, stone companies, stone masons, memorial masons and stone installers. For more products, see the website.

Lithofin Care Kits – specially packaged kits containing relevant products, which can be given to the customer by fabricators on completion of fireplace or kitchen worktop installations. [use the two kit pics side by side if you can]

Lithofin NanoTOP – a high performance protector offering excellent water and oil repellent effect on all absorbent natural and artificial stones. Optimal protection for kitchen worktops and counters made of granite, gneiss and gabbro.

Lithofin BERO – for permanent removal of rust and rust discolouration, especially for ferrous hard stones, and for the removal of cement film, grinding dust, etc. Concentrate, contains acid.

Lithofin ASRa special heavy duty cleaner with strong alkaline components to dissolve engrained residues and polymer films, etc.  Suitable for intensive cleaning of ceramic and porcelain, brick and natural and concrete stone.  Not suitable for polished stone.

The Lithofin range comprises over 60 products, covering the cleaning, protection and maintenance of natural and artificial stone, ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. The free Technical Helpline on 01962 732126 receives daily calls from both trade and domestic users, and provides expert advice on a range of queries. Casdron Enterprises Ltd is the sole UK and Ireland distributor of these high quality products.

The Lithofin range is comprehensive, with cleaners, impregnators, and maintenance products for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, indoor floors and outdoor paving, as well as ancillary products for use with the range.

For more information, and product detail, please visit or contact our Technical Helpline on 01962 732126.

Please note: information on this site is intended to provide a brief overview of the products’ different applications. Before applying any stone care product, always ensure its suitability by testing on a spare piece or in an inconspicuous area.